Bloggin' the 28: Growing in Christ

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Continuing our summer Bloggin' the 28 project, pastor Trevan Osborn applies the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine of Growing in Christ to contemporary life.Admit it, you have no idea what the newest fundamental belief really teaches. I’ll confess that the main reason I decided to blog on this belief was to get motivated enough to buy the new fundamental beliefs book and read it for myself. Out with the classic creme hardcover and in with a paperback version which just doesn’t feel the same but surely will in about ten years.

The purpose of the Bloggin the 28 series is to focus on the practical, social implications of each belief which inherently provides the critique that the fundamental beliefs as currently written have some great theology but little practical, social emphasis. The newest fundamental belief is part of the church’s attempt to address the critique inherent in this bloggin the 28 series. The new belief is very well written and in many ways reads like a sermon. The reader is urged to accept Christ’s sacrifice which means that they will die to self daily and live a life of spiritual growth which they outline the hallmarks of.

I found it very interesting that the belief places a huge emphasis on the death of Jesus while barely referencing how he lived his life.Read and comment here.

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