Bloggin' the 28: Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

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Continuing our summer Bloggin' the 28 project, blogger Marcel Schwantes applies the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine of Spiritual Gifts and Ministries to contemporary life.

Today's church is going through a crisis in leadership. Leaders of the old guard often resist change in fear of loss of status or position. Moreover, leadership practice is changing. Hierarchical models are disappearing in favor of egalitarian and holistic models. This crisis is opening up the door for new leaders to rediscover the nature and calling of the church as an authentic community, a missional people in a hostile land. Out with the leadership cults, in with the leadership cultures. This shifting is led by Holy spirit-fueled, compassionate and emotionally-intelligent leaders gifted for creating individual, group and systemic change.

Today, this gift is best exemplified in leaders who can demonstrate a heart attitude that shows they are lovers of God and lovers of people. As leaders prove their sincerity and commitment to honest community, seculars and postmoderns will take the risk of trusting them enough to be a part of that community of faith. This takes stepping out of comfortable molds, forsaking political posturing and inviting the breaking of bread with those who do not share the same (Adventist) customs, doctrines or look or talk the way we do. It is a gift enveloped in love, or it is no gift at all:

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