Bloggin' the 28: The Holy Spirit

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Continuing our summer Bloggin' the 28 project, Tompaul Wheeler applies the Seventh-day Adventist doctrine of the Holy Spirit to contemporary life.

Nearly every summer the past 15 years I've been privileged to participate in a teen mission trip--first as a participant, then the second year and ever after as a reporter--called the Ultimate Workout. Since 1991 some two thousand teens and staff have built schools and churches throughout Latin America. This July more than 200 people divided into 5 groups in Ecuador, each building a church for a community that had waited years for its own structure. But while it's impressive to watch unskilled teenagers build a church in a matter of days, what's really striking is watching the Holy Spirit transform people--drop by drop, block by block, muscle by muscle, as attitudes shift and people discover the life God intended for them.In one of the groups this summer, though, a few repeat staff felt that things just weren't the same this time as before. They didn't "feel Jesus" like they had in the past. Translation: The group wasn't as tightly knit, so they weren�t feeling the same "All for one and one for all" vibe. The reality was that this year the group worked in a gorgeous, wide open banana plantation, surrounded by lush countryside. Most of the time, Ultimate Workout groups find themselves squeezed into small locations in towns or cities, with everyone practically tripping over each other. In this spacious environment, the group naturally became a little more segmented than it would have been.

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