Bonnie Dwyer Announces Retirement at the End of 2021

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share the news directly with you that Bonnie Dwyer, editor of Spectrum Magazine and Executive Director of Adventist Forum, has announced to our Board her plans to retire at the end of 2021.

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Well… What can we
say? At least five things: : (1) Although someone will succeed Bonnie, no one will ever replace her. (2) Thank you, Bonnie! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (3) We all hope to make the word a better place, Bonnie did. (4) We need to have a big celebration! (5) It’s too bad that Roy Branson won’t be at this one. But there will be others!


Only those on the “inside” can appreciate the diligence, the sacrifice and the love of church that editors like Bonnie possess. Her value to the church as a “minister” of conversation and pursuit of truth will best be measured in the future. Always encouraging, never unsteady, she helped the church hear alternative voices speak about issues almost no other organ would touch. Even though her replacement will undoubtedly be a worthy successor, she cannot be replaced in our hearts and minds. Gratefully, she will continue to be a leader and inspiration in a different way.


I remember listening to an entertaining back-and-forth on the radio about who in the sports world could be described as legendary. Is Mike Ditka a legend? No, they said. What about Pat Summitt? Yes. Being legendary is something a bit more than just being great. There are certain intangible qualities involved that are difficult to describe. Bonnie Dwyer is a living legend. I suppose no one is irreplaceable, but we should not underestimate the challenge we are now facing.


As one who has contributed articles to Spectrum from the first issue and, by chance, also to the last one, I remember talking to Roy Branson about this journalism student who was doing wonderful reporting for him. He was really impressed by her intelligence and writing style. It was no surprise to me when years later Roy’s student reporter became the editor of Spectrum. My conversations with her have been always enlightening and stimulating, and her appreciation for my articles were a strong encouragement to keep trying. She has been a beam lightening the path to the future and calling attention to the difficulties to be aware of while traveling. She has made an indelible impression on many souls. I can only hope that when she no longer is the editor she will continue to enrich us with her wisdom and optimism. For all she has done already, We are in your debt, Bonnie.


David, you said it. What else could I humbly add ?

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Dear Doctor Svrcek Seiler,
What a happy surprise it is to hear from you! I have been thinking about you because I retired last June and in process of moving my office from the campus to my home I encountered some things you sent me a while ago which I have never discussed with you. If it is agreeable to you, might you please email me at I would like to converse with you in some way, Perhaps on Zoom. Thank you! David Larson

Doctor Weiss,
Seeing your name, and reading the good things you said about Bonnie, brought a smile to my face for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is thinking yoi driving all the way from the Berrien Springs area to La Sierra (on a motorcycle?) for the Forum’s 50th anniversary celebration! Many thanks for everything! David Larson

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My trip from Berrien Springs to La Sierra for the 50th anniversary of the Forum with my face to the wind was actually not on a motorcycle but in a 1989 convertible. Both the trip, with stops at really wonderful places like the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, and the celebrations at La Sierra left me full of good memories. Thank you for the many years you served as the Chair of the Board for Forum.
By the way, my name is Herold

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Thank you, Bonnie!!

Thank you for a legendary run at the most important publication in Adventism.

Thank you for overseeing a gifted team of editors and moderators who do their jobs well and carefully.

Thank you for publishing my 2013 essay, “The Investigative Judgment Has Three Main Problems.”

Thank you for maintaining a wide roster of varied voices, speaking passionately to the issues of the day, and living out Spectrum’s call for “Community Through Conversation.”

Well done!



Bonnie, you are truly an Eshet Chayil - a woman of valor. For years, you have done the work of the Lord with a steady hand and a generous heart. Thank you for shining a light in the dark places of the Adventist Church. Thank you for helping us see that the Church has the possibility of being a bigger and more welcoming place than many can imagine. God bless you as you retire. I hope we will continue to hear your voice.