Bonnie’s Gift

Today at the Spectrum office we received a delivery. It was a small box from the printer with the physical copies of the latest issue of the journal. At first, we excitedly flipped through the pages and commented on the colorful photos and beloved authors’ names. Then a brief sadness fell over Linda, Bonnie, and me. We had all suddenly realized it was Bonnie’s last issue as editor. An hour earlier Bonnie had been inspiring me with how providentially the journal had come together—once again—with an eclectic, yet harmonious, blend of authors, articles, and art. I could tell that over her more than two decades editing the journal it’s not just been a creative endeavor but an act of love, a gift to all our friends in the Spectrum community.

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Can we really have an idea what Bonnie did for our worldwide Church ? The joys, the triumphs, the troubles, the sorrows, our hopes shared, our problems shared, all giving s additional sources for our prayers for those next door and those far away, the good and the not so good news shared, getting acquainted by mail, by letter and personally with those of the household of our faith ? And this overflowing plentitue of professions, talents, personal abilities dedicated to us believers , the very news one here would never get knowledge of, the spiritual input - -

Bonnie, I m cauught in SDA phantasies : Well, let us meet once at the Pearl Gates - I am shure your golden crown will have a special diamond !

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