BREAKING: 2022 GC Session Moved from Indianapolis to St. Louis

On February 17, 2021, Adventist News Network, the official news outlet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, announced via Twitter that the 2022 General Conference Session will now take place in St. Louis, Missouri:

“BREAKING NEWS: Due to the sudden non-availability of space to hold the 2022 GC Session in Indianapolis, the Executive Committee of the @adventistchurch voted this morning  to move the meetings to St. Louis, Missouri. Dates will remain June 6-11, 2022.  More information to follow.”

The GC Session, originally scheduled for June 2020, has been postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the location of Indianapolis, Indiana had remained unchanged until today.


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this makes sense…the GC has been in St. Louis before, i think in 2005…things have long ago been ironed out, and it’s only 250 or so miles away…this isn’t a biggy…

but i’m wondering whether we shouldn’t just cancel GC2020, now twice postponed, altogether…after-all, people have gone without church successfully…they can probably go without a GC…think of all the money we’ll save…

plus, after GC2022, will the next GC be in 2025, which seems a bit soon, or in 2027, which messes up the counting based on multiples of 5’s…maybe we should just leave 2020 as The Pandemic Year, and be done with it…


No, what they should have done was realize it’s 2020 and moved it online. There, GC held AND money saved, and everyone wins. Instead, they claimed they had to have an in-person vote to…vote to move it online. It makes no sense, but we can’t be flexible, even in the middle of a once-per-century pandemic.

And yet somehow no vote was needed to extend Ted Wilson’s Presidency by another 2 years, and nobody seems to have a problem with that. It’s insane.

It’s no wonder so many churches have kept right on meeting in-person through COVID-19. The online resources from the church bureaucracy have been basically non-existent in the last year. I don’t know why I ever thought they’d try to have an online General Conference. I guess I’m dumb.


this particular detail really takes the cake…it makes it seem as if the GC is just too regulated to be affected by common sense…

i wonder if there was perhaps some aversion to an online GC that was the real issue…maybe it’s the case that some 3rd world countries don’t have reliable online systems, and so wouldn’t have been able to participate…of course this would have been an opportune time for NAD, and others, to get their way on cultural matters, like WO…too bad this opportunity has been lost…

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Tonite all looks “third world.”

what’s happening in texas, and other parts of the U.S., is definitely sad, if this is what you mean…last week in calgary saw -22F temps…fortunately my car actually started, but i know others whose cars didn’t…and we’ve at least had secure power, heating and hot water up here…poor texas, and houston, in particular, seems to have never ending weather disasters…

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This the statement that confuses me: Due to the sudden non-availability of space to hold the 2022 GC Session in Indianapolis

We knew since last year that we were postponing. Why did the space suddenly become unavailable for next year?

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It’s Gods wrath on all those Trump lovers in Texas!!! It’ll be OK if the hierachy doesn’t buy-out the coffee shop again!!

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It seems standard that most levels of church administration operates non-transparent. Maybe the reason for failure to offer full disclosure is that since God is leading the church, we all should trust our leaders decisions. Thus our part is to continue tithe support, apart from all church politics.

Sadly there are many in the church who would think you are serious and are doing exactly that. But when I read it I had to Laugh Out Loud! A bit of humor for a Friday afternoon as the snow starts to thaw outside.

according to ANN, it’s the city of indianapolis that couldn’t confirm the June 6-11 dates…it sounds like GC leaders weren’t told why:

As I intended. Since we hold that our church is the last remnant church on earth, were the clearest picture of God in teaching, example and doctrine exist since the early church. All other churches are or will be Babylon. It stands to reason that God is directing its leaders, schools and Conferences. Thus they do not have to explain how tithe funds are expanded in any detail. Thus we should trust our leaders and obey their directions and continue to give all our tithes and offerings with confidence that every dime will be used as God wishes.

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