BREAKING: 3ABN and Amazing Facts to join forces

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By Alexander Carpenter

3:37 PM

According to Bonnie Ensminger, secretary to Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts and Three Angels Broadcasting Network will be "uniting."

Doug Batchelor, the president of Amazing Facts and senior minister at the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church has flown to the studios of 3ABN, Inc of Thompsonville, Illinois and will join with current 3ABN president/speaker Danny Shelton in a live announcement at 8:00 PM CDT today.

Sources, including, suggest that organizational change will include Doug Batchelor assuming the presidency of 3ABN although questions remain about the continued role of Danny Shelton in the TV ministry he started in 1986.

6:00 PM PDT: Watch the announcement on 3ABN LIVE.

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