BREAKING: Loma Linda University Health Marketing Director Arrested for Suspected Embezzlement, Grand Theft

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LOMA LINDA - Tammy Wren Violet Veach, the Executive Director for Marketing at Loma Linda University Health has been arrested for allegedly stealing approximately $360,000 in Apple iPads and Apple MacBooks over the course of her employment at Loma Linda, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department.

A release on the Sheriff Department's website reported that detectives from the Loma Linda Police Department began investigating Veach on suspicion of embezzlement and grand theft.

On January 27th, according to the release, "detectives obtained substantial information and served a search warrant at Tammy Veach's residence." Veach was arrested on the morning of the 27th at her home in an affluent South Redlands neighborhood, and booked into Central Detention Center. San Bernardino's newspaper, The Sun, reported that Veach posted bail and was released a day after her arrest. She has not yet been charged.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Veach, 45, has served at Loma Linda University since November, 1993.

Updates will be posted on this story as more information becomes available.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

The real question is did she tithe it or not? Tom Z

(Steve Mga) #3

The interesting story would be – HOW did she have access to so many of these? How did she distribute them all? Pawn shops? This would be a great story for Detective Magazine.

(George Tichy) #4

This is a sad story. it’s bad that she understood that her Marketing job included “marketing” those objects outside…

(Garnett Weir) #5

Based on the early comments. it seems that there is a presumption here of guilt based on the arrest. Please note, however, that according to the report, she is yet to be charged. Lets not find her guilty before the evidence is presented.

(Jared Wright) #6

This is an important point, and while the court of public opinion is perhaps to harshest court out there, legally, there is a presumption of innocence proven otherwise.

(k_Lutz) #7

Come out of her my people that you not become partakers in her sin.

Trust God.

(Mark) #8

Come on people… they say MacBooks and iPads… 360 grand would be approximately 150 MacBooks and 200 iPads. There is NO WAY that the IT department would miss that many devices unless she killed them all first.

(Thomas Schwartz) #9

It would mean approximately 7 MacBooks per year. iPads have only been around since 2010, so thats 50 per year. You are right, with those numbers of products, someone somewhere would start asking questions. If not the LLU IT department, then the IRS department for EBay controll…

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #10
  1. Let’s not presume guilt; 2. LLU employs thousands of people—they hand their equipment over for upgrades ones every 18-39 months, probably, or when they leave employment, or when the equipment is not working correctly; not handing them, then, over to IT would be simple. Scores of laptops change hands or are retired in a year—faculty, both permanent and visiting, graduate students, physicians and their support. Misplacing (dysplacing?) equipment would take some consistent planning, but is possible. Many years, here—when a laptop cost $2500 a piece in the 1990s up through iPads that can go up to more than $800 a piece today. Not hard. But that would take planning. 3. (See #1).

(k_Lutz) #11

LLU and the affiliated hospitals employ tens of thousands …

Trust the Process.

(Jim) #12

The real question is why did this make it on spectrum? Its of no real import and feels more like basic gossip


Because you won’t see it in the Adventist Review.

(Jesse Andrews) #14

How can this be gossip? It’s just the bare facts from a law enforcement agency.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #15

if the person had a top level job or was ordained the news would have been hushed. Years ago the Administrator of the Hospital was stealing Computer time for his brother’s business. the Board of Trustees Executive Committee, had him resign as soon as he found other employment, no charges were filed.

If he had been re baptized he might kept his job, that is if the hospital was in Michigan. Tom Z

(Peter) #16

Because it is Adventist “News”, and Spectrum has stated it is expanding into providing more Adventist news. News is not gossip. There is no question that an arrest was made or what the charges are. Think again.

Although it is true and important that one should be presumed innocent until found guilty, it is highly doubtful that Loma Linda would push ahead with this, or that an arrest would have been made without very strong evidence.

(Interested Friend) #17

Of course there is no question that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But there seems to be no question that she lives in an affluent neighborhood. Is that where so much of Medicaid and, Medicare and Obamacare dollars go?

Is this what is called inequality of income distribution by certain politicians? OTOH, if she is married maybe it was her husband who brought in the shekels.

(George Tichy) #18

You were so excited writing about Obama that you even forgot to sign your post with you traditional “grip thing”… :slight_smile:

(k_Lutz) #19

It is amazing that in little things we lose our grip.

Trust the Process.

(Harry Allen) #20