BREAKING: Montana Plane Crash Has Adventist Connections

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The Napa Valley Register reports:

"Five members of a St. Helena family died Sunday in a Montana plane crash in which authorities say there were no survivors.

Dr. Erin Jacobson (pictured), his wife, Amy, and their children Taylor, 4, Ava, 3, and Jude, 2, were en route to Bozeman to visit friends and family. “They were going to Bozeman for the week — (Amy’s) parents were already there,” said Elizabeth Naylor of Angwin, a close friend of the Jacobson family for the past three years.

“They were extraordinary, wonderful, giving and kind. Our daughters grew up together. My daughter asked today if we could have their daughter over for a play date this week, and we told them we could after they got back.” The Jacobsons, who lived on Pratt Avenue, were active in the Montessori Family Center in St. Helena.

“Erin was an eye doctor, a surgeon, in St. Helena and Napa, and Amy was a dental hygienist in Angwin, but she was a full-time mom to three children,” said Naylor. “Everybody in town knows them — they were really, truly an amazing family.”

According to the St. Helena Hospital website, Dr. Erin K. Jacobson was an ophthalmologist and graduated from Loma Linda University.

We are also getting email reports from folks who know the individuals on the plane. Please include all in your thoughts and prayers. We will update this story as we receive confirmations.

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