BREAKING: Spectrum Covering #SanBernardino Shooting Live at LLUMC in Loma Linda

LOMA LINDA - Follow @spectrummag on Twitter for live updates on San Bernardino shooting. Multiple news outlets have reported an active shooter in the vicinity of Loma Linda University. Loma Linda University received an undisclosed number of victims of the shooting incident. Reports have come in of over twenty victims of the shooting, and Loma Linda University Medical Center said through a spokeswoman that they are expecting an influx of shooting victims as those injured in the incident are taken from the scene.

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Remembering the victims of the St Bernardino mass shooting today, sadly there will be other shootings tomorrow.

This killing epidemic of gross proportions is very sadly an accepted part of American culture, Americans do not have the nerve to do something about it.

Yet the USA and its people continue to self harm and inflicting pain yet showing a callous and irresponsible attitude that they simply do not care. The solution is to have strict gun controls like Australia I am not a fan of John Howard but I praise him for the gun buy back scheme. I was involved in the Queen Street Massacre in 1987, but that is another story. RIP St Bernardino Victims.


What more will it take to initiate control of firearms by background checks, fingerprints and delay from purchase to delivery of guns? The NRA has Congress in its pocket; and the arms manufacturers have the NRA. Go to the source: Curtail producing and delivery with registration on each shipment There are more guns than population in the U.S.

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this may not have been yet another incident calling into question america’s gun laws…from what i’m seeing, we may have witnessed a terrorist attack on american soil similar to what just happened in france, in which case tightening gun laws isn’t the answer…for one thing, one of the assault weapons used in the attack appears to have been purchased legally…


Gun Buy Back.
From what I have seen from past gun buy back programs

  1. It is only honest persons who sell their guns.
  2. It is a chance for persons with defective guns to get money for them. Selling an unsellable gun.
  3. It is a “feel good” activity imposed on the community, using tax payer money. And sells newspapers.
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one cannot lay this at the foot of the National Rifle Association. it belongs to the likes of Donald Trump et al. The Current crop of candidates are like the three witches of Macbeth. Tom Z

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What exactly did Donald do to cause this?

I’m sure that’s just what we need. Radical Islamists (the man was a Sunni), along with other criminal elements, always abide by all local and national laws.

Maybe we should also get in step with the UK and ask all law-abiding citizens to surrender their sharp knives. Crooks can keep theirs, of course. Who knows, maybe that will help convert the world to vegetarianism (thus reducing greenhouse gasses), since they won’t be able to carve up their dead carcasses.

You live in California. It has the strictest gun control laws in the country. These guns were purchased legally. But let’s be sure to get background checks before selling remote-control cars. That was purchased legally, as well.

He arouses hate, he commends roughing up those who talk back, he recommends killing,water boarding, and all sorts of torture. basically her arouses the basic instincts of hate and evil against all but his own. His campaign is built upon hate, fear, relatiation, and all the basic evil passions of man. want more, just really listen to him on the stump. just take any transcript of his stump rant and compare it with the Sermon on the Mount. tom Z

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From the AP:

Here’s a look at some of the deadliets U.S. shootings since 2012:

Oct. 1, 2015: 10 dead, 7 wounded at Umpqua College, Roseburg, OR.

June 17, 2015: 9 African-American church members in Charleston, S.C.

May 23, 2014: 6 killed, 13 wounded near U.C. Santa Barbara, CA.

Sept. 16, 2013: 12 killed, Washington Naval Yard.

July 26, 2013: 6 killed, Hialeah, FL.

Dec. 14, 2012: 26 killed, including 20 first-graders, Newtown, Conn.

Sept. 27, 2012: 6 killed, Minneapolis, MN.

Aug 5, 2012: 6 in a Sikh tmple, Oak Creek, Wisc.

July 20, 2012: 7 killed, 3 wounded, Aurora, CO.

April 2, 2012: 7 killed, 3 wounded, Oikos U., Oakland, CA

None identified as Muslims but home-grown terrorists. Do the math.

68 killed in three years (?)

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No point bringing out other pain. It is THIS RECENT PAIN deserved our silence with the thunderous deafening grieving. Allow the Press-men-women keep our silence unrush unprovoke under King solomon journalistic wisdom"Taught us all they knew" and their names are: What and Why and where and how and where and Who.

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This was a man and wife team. The guy visited Saudi Arabia and came back with a wife recently. They left a 6 mo. old baby with “grandma” - put on protective gear - garbed a few pipe bombs - which they boobie trapped the building with after the shooting and proceeded to attend a Christmas party. Their neighbor said he was going to report them to somebody but were afraid of being labeled racist after witnessing several mid-East types going in and out of their house at night; and a lot of activity in their garage (where they found a weapons manufacturing arsenal). No amount of reciting of the Sermon on the Mount would have stopped this couple . Do you really think that more gun control is going to keep weapons from evil people, and groups that are out to cause carnage?

I appreciate your clear minded assessments of the gospel; but your hatred of the Republicans makes me question your ability to be fair minded in other areas.


I don’t hate Republicans, I voted for G. Ford, but not recently. As for the Sermon on the Mount what other source would you suggest for anyone seeking morality or embracing the label Moral Majority? Tom Z

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I hope not, since he has joined the ranks of the dearly departed. :slight_smile: Although I’ve heard of dead people voting (mainly in Chicago), not many dead folks get voted into office. However, I’m beginning to wonder if a corpse could do any worse than our current crop of politicians.

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For this hideous couple, I would have suggested the ATF or a SWAT team. They devolved into something indifferent to morality. Unfortunately, you just hope somebody gets to them before they get others.

If it is an accurate account, it’s too bad, really too bad that the neighbor didn’t make a 911 call on one of those nights they were fabricating their implements of terror. Maybe in their panic, they would have blown themselves up or provoked the authorities to settle the matter.

I would pray that the Father continue to enable our law enforcement to intervene, to prevent, like He has done so many times, for which we should be on our knees in thankfulness. But as our country and culture continue to insist on separation from Him, maybe it’s high time more Americans asked, “What actually happens when a nation tells God, ‘no thanks’.”

You can have effective separation of church and state without this brazen separation from God that we are living and reaping.

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I agree that gun control would probably not have made a substantial difference in this particular case. As more news has come to hand about the background of the attackers, it is clear they planned and prepared for the attack over a period of time, and probably had links to Islamic extremists overseas. There are obvious parallels to the recent attacks in Paris - thankfully this was on a much smaller scale.

Better gun control laws would probably have made it much more difficult for the attackers to obtain the actual weapons they used, but given the nature of Islamic terrorism, they would have obtained weapons one way or another to carry out this attack.

It’s unfortunate that Obama’s first reaction seems to have been to blame the gun lobby for this tragedy. While I’m a definitely a proponent of far tighter gun control laws (and Australia is an example of how this can be done successfully), it’s never helpful to jump to conclusions. The thing that made me pause and think when I first heard the news, is that there were three attackers. Mad people with guns almost always act alone. When there’s three, something else entirely is happening.


The present day epidemic with gun violence has little to do with gun ownership. Perhaps people forget–America has fewer gun-holding households nowadays than it had when America started; no mass shootings back then.

The news media and the pharmaceutical companies are working together, perhaps even unknown to themselves, toward an agenda–of removing the constitutional rights of Americans. Mrs. White has prophesied that every principle of the constitution would be repudiated, and the right to bear arms is one of those. The pharmaceutical products ingested by so many Americans these days make good money for the companies, but have side effects on the mental states of the patients. There are websites which document the numbers of shootings that involved medical drug users. Most of them, if not nearly all.

This particular case might well have been more one of terrorism, as has been pointed out. But many of the mass killings stem from drug-impaired minds which finally can’t take it any longer and lash out in violence. Men are more prone to violent reactions than are women, who usually react somewhat differently. Both are, nevertheless, affected by the drugs.

I heard the story from an Adventist man whose doctor had prescribed Ambien. After taking it for awhile, he developed a severe pain in his urethra. No one knew that Ambien would do that, as it was not listed as one of the possible side effects. The pain was constant. Nothing could seem to stop it. He told God to just let him die, rather than force him to endure the pain. He went to another doctor, who finally told him to try quitting the drug. He quit, but the pain persisted–for two weeks. Then the pain stopped. Drugs cause more than just mental irritation. Imagine if the man were not a God-fearing Christian–what might he have done? Consider who he might have blamed for his pain (accurately or not).

You can see a list of drug-induced killings online here:

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