Brian Bull and Fritz Guy Discuss Genesis 1 and Modern Science (Part 1)

No, but we need to be careful not to read our modern understanding of the universe into the Genesis story.

For example, thinking that it describes the creation of the universe as we understand it, or even of our galaxy or the solar system is incorrect. It doesn’t describe any of these things.

It also does not describe the creation of the planet earth, as the text and the people who wrote it would not have described something they did not know existed.

The original text refers to the ‘land’ not the ‘world’, not the ‘planet’. In context land means our land or homeland.


From my prior post:

Their land, their creation, looked like this:

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Sorry I don’t really understand your point. Please explain.

Good to read your thoughts again. And yes, theology will always be inadequate.

Cassie –
When one reads the WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMS it is evident that some amazing
geological activity, and fierce weather was known to them.
“Skipping hills”
Winds strong enough to strip the bark off trees. Strong enough to
twist trees into splinters.
All this sounds like Earthquakes, Hurricanes.
Notice the SIZE of the WAVES on the “Great Sea”. OR were they actually on the Atlantic???

Elijah on Mount Carmel – the little black cloud came from the “Great Sea”. Torrents of rain.

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I agree with the 6000 years for organic matter from creation, but prior to that, “the earth was without form” and could have had granite and other substances as t he basis for creation. It is noteworthy that Robert Gentry made a HUGE discovery that pulonium halos from ignatious granite are evidence supporting instantaneous creation–“He spoke and it was done”

Elen White also shines-- When consideration is given to man’s opportunities for research; how brief his life; how limited his sphere of action; how restricted his vision; how frequent and how great the errors in his conclusions, especially as concerns the events thought to antedate Bible history; how often the supposed deductions of science are revised or cast aside; with what readiness the assumed period of the earth’s development is from time to time increased or diminished by millions of years; and how the theories advanced by different scientists conflict with one another, --considering all this, shall we, for the privilege of tracing our descent from germs and mollusks and apes, consent to cast away that statement of Holy Writ, so grand in its simplicity, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him”? Genesis 1:27. Shall we reject that genealogical record,–prouder than any treasured in the courts of kings,–“which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God”? Luke 3:38 (Education, Science & the Bible)

“instead of waiting [and praying] for “the storm” to pass,
One NEEDS to learn to DANCE in the Rain.”

Saw this sign in a shop yesterday.


Does anyone know whether the handouts (PDF?) used in this series are available?