Brian Strayer on Hiram Edson: Man and Myth

Drawing from his research for the first scholarly biography of this Adventist pioneer, historian Brian Strayer details the rise, decline, and mythology of Hiram Edson. He didn’t have visions, but “presentments.” Also, despite being the man who saw the heavenly sanctuary on October 23, 1844, Edson focused his interests elsewhere. He even quit going to church for a while later in life. Strayer grounds all this in the larger mid-1800s New York religious context where innovation, ecstatic expression, and social change were influencing what became the Adventist Church.

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Hiram’s cornfield is as fictitious as Ellen White’s first vision and the those which followed. According to Ephesians first chapter, it is crystal clear that Jesus entered the most holy to his throne at his ascension. To teach that Jesus entered the most holy in 1844, is to contradict the word of God.

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