Bridges to Peace: Ethics, Justice, and Women in Ministry

The Association of Adventist Women is co-sponsoring with the Loma Linda University Church a symposium, “Bridges to Peace: Ethics, Justice, and Women in Ministry,” on Sabbath, April 13, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. — 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the reasons why the many calls for unity have only served to underscore the deep divisions in the Adventist church surrounding the ordination of women to the Gospel ministry. Our collective conscience is not at peace because we are clinging to an untenable and unethical position: Adventist women pastors can do their work as long as they are not ordained. There are historical and social reasons why unity cannot be achieved until there is ethical thinking about and just actions toward women in the church. Can the resources of peacemaking bring us to a better place?

Featured speakers are Bonnie Dwyer, editor of Spectrum magazine; Darius Jankiewicz, Andrews Theological Seminary professor; Ginger Hanks Harwood, retired theologian; Whitny Braun, Loma Linda University School of Religion professor; and Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, president of AAW.

The symposium will be live-streamed and accessible on the AAW website,

This press release was provided by the Association of Adventist Women. Image courtesy of AAW.

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Looking forward to viewing this and hearing the ethical supports for ordaining women full steam ahead.


Will this be televised on the Internet?
If so that would be 6PM to 9:30 PM Eastern Time.


When Jesus sent His disciple out He told them if they were not well Received that they should dust the sand off their shoes and move on. Sound advice. The Gospel is not restricted to an Adventist platform. Ted Wilson is moving the Adventist denomination into oblivion. He is in the process of making it in the pattern of the Standish Brothers et al.


This splendid symposium with its stellar speakers will hold zero sway with the miserable misogynists in our church hierarchy.

It is all reminiscent of the suffragettes of old.

Maybe time for more drastic action:

Let ALL ADVENTIST WOMEN GO ON STRIKE until their voices are heard, demanding to be treated equally and ethically.

No more church potlucks, nor vacation bible schools, nor pathfinders,
( almost universally “manned “. — dare I use that word ?— by our female members ).

No more female vocal or instrumental soloists.
No more church organists nor sabbath school pianists nor choir leaders — predominantly women.

No more cradle roll nor primary sabbath schools.

No more church worship bulletins — usually typed and printed by women.

No more dressing the children for church — let their fathers do it !

Maybe just a few sabbaths of this will send the message loud and clear !


Great ideas. What about adding another. Let the wives of GC officers and DivisonPresident have a sit down strike. meals, laundry, the silent treatment, etc.


I fully support your proposal.

Actually, at some time in Aug/18 I suggested that the month of Oct/18 should have been “The Women’s Month,” when they all would go on strike everywhere. The month when the AC/18 was happening, with all the outrageous things that happened there with those bearded figures…

I actually suggested that women should stay at home every Sabbath in that month, watching some service online. Let the “powerful guys” take care of everything in church. The kids, of course, should go with the fathers to be blessed by the macho group!

After all, women need a little break, don’t they??? :wink:

They didn’t listen to me at that time. Hope they will listen to you now! Good luck, though! :rofl:


Thomas ,
A splendid idea!
Are you suggesting. no “bedroom privileges “ ?

Regrettably most of these men are of the “viagra age “ ,
so maybe the sex is minimal anyway ?

a creative group — I am sure they will brainstorm some more
splendid suggestions to bring our “ headship “ hierarchy to heel!


Looks fantastic. I wish that I could be there but I see that it will be live-streamed…so, next to best.


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