Bringing the Real World to Genesis: What Have Volcanoes and Soils Told Me?

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For the last several articles of this series we have been looking at geological data that suggests the earth to be of an age far in excess of a few thousand years. In this article we meet a field geologist who discusses some of the evidence of age found in the soil, and who consequently struggles to relate the data to Adventist interpretations of a young earth. In the final analysis, he seeks unity of data with religious beliefs.

-Jan M. Long

To conclude our "Bringing the Real World to Genesis" series, curated by Jan M. Long, we are republishing 10 articles from the Spectrum journal. This is the second article. Previous "Bringing the Real World to Genesis" articles can be found here.

What Have Volcanoes and Soils Told Me?

Photo credit: Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand

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