Call for gender justice response

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By Alexander Carpenter

Adventist Gender Justice blogger, Trisha Famisaran has been working with a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who is doing a study on how members of our church community create empowering space for women. (Tangential to this, I recommend Ben MacArthur's letter regarding Seeking a Sanctuary in the current issue of the journal.) Trisha writes: Courtney Crenshaw posted a survey on Adventist Gender Justice several months ago and received great feedback. Courtney has several more questions for our community to answer. The questions and her contact information are available on Adventist Gender Justice.

Courtney is interested in getting responses from active bloggers, but she is also interested in the broader perception of gender equality and spaces of empowerment in the wider church. It would be especially helpful if you might consider linking over to Courtney's post from your own sites so that she gets as much response as possible. So please spread the word!

I think it's exciting that a non-Adventist from the University of California, Santa Cruz, has chosen to focus on women's empowerment in our church community. Courtney's work will be useful to us and I will try to get a hold of her research when it's complete.

Click here to answer her five questions.

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I tried to participate, but being required to set up an account in order to do that, with password, nah, I do not do that.

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Even with an account and password it is inaccessible.

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Apparently they already know our opinion and don’t need a confirmation… LOL