Called and Anointed 2022: A Women’s Conference

On March 20, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific Time), the Family Life and Women’s Ministries Departments of the Mt. Rubidoux Seventh-day Adventist Church present “Called and Anointed 2022: A Women’s Conference.” This online event is also sponsored by the Association of Adventist Women.

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Last month seemed to be all out racial equity, and this month is lining up as being all about women and the church/Bible. I assume next month it should be about the place of men in the Bible and the church - only fair.


Do we need to explore the topic of how to get more men involved in church leadership?Or are you more interested in a Jesus centered view of masculinity?

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I love your sarcasm. After all, men have almost had 24/7 focus for centuries. Headship has been rampant.


…so therefore, they are to be totally ignored? I’m a woman and I find it somehow condescending to have so much focus on women’s contribution to the church and humanity, while totally ignoring women as actual leaders in the church. The more focus and honor is piled up on us, the worse it feels - like being fed crumbs under the table.

There must be some honourable good men have done. Not all men have something to prove by their maleness.

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Men have not been ignored.

Sorry, I have NOT seen “focus and honor” “piled up on” women, particularly dedicated women serving the church.

Regarding your taking the announcement of the “Called and Annointed” women’s conference as an example of women being recipients of “focus and honor…piled upon” women, I refer you to the article currently here in Spectrum:

Hebrews 11: Women of Faith - Spectrum Website - Spectrum Conversation (

If it’s equality we’re all looking for, we’re not going get it by separating out by gender, race, or sexual orientation as well as any other “marginalizing” group while we’re focused on making up for history’s inequalities.

No, I’m not following Judge Jackson’s hearings which is a partisan playground that usually gets ugly. She is a political choice because she’s black and she’s a woman. That’s killing two birds (inequalities) with one stone. But that’s just the point. If this were a matter of equality there would be no prerequisites of race or gender as if it settles the score for these overlooked categories- and it is only about CATEGORIES, not persons.

In your world of inclusion the basis for inclusion is what GROUP you belong to. This dismisses the person. You do realize most of us have no personal choice as to gender or race, so our relevance in this world comes with what we personally are able to accomplish, not as a representative of a group, but as a person. We make a big deal about what pronoun we choose, but here again, it’s about grouping, not about the unique person that you are. Of course, organizations that accepts by membership are not going to accept people as individuals. The least equality based movements are those that focus on equality.

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