Called by God

The lesson this week invites us to think about what it means to be called by God using the examples of Ezra and Nehemiah. It is abundantly clear from the Scriptures, that God does call people. The examples are many—Moses, Aaron, Samuel, Elijah, Amos, other prophets, the disciples of Jesus, to name a few examples. This calling from God has played out throughout history. It goes on still today. Here is a chance for us to think about is carefully and expansively.

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Not only are there different calls from God, but they may change over the course of a person’s career. I’ve seen some people who stay in the same position (perhaps with changes of responsibilities and salary within it) and others who are called to several different roles, sometimes concurrently and sometimes sequentially. Life is seldom as predictable as we sometimes lead secondary and tertiary students to believe.


Call within a Call.
Mother Theresa believed she was called to be a nun. And spent a
long time in a convent at a school for Indian girls.
She went outside the convent to help some Indians with some food.
After a discernment period she believed she was called to help the
poorest of the poor. Her journey was not easy.
But her legacy is several hundreds doing what she did in a number
of countries.
She was forced to accept the Peace Prize although she felt unworthy.

Who is “we”?

How so?

“saved”? past tense? Explain.

“No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.” 2 Tim 2:4

With 7000 waking minutes a week… How does one accomplish this?

Thank you, David Thomas. I’m sharing this with my Sabbath School class tomorrow because people often ask 'what is my role, now that I’ve responded to the first call". Good thoughts.

JOHN 10:10:
Christians are soldiers of the spiritual forces of light. Our purpose is to establish, strengthen and restore relationships of humans with God. In this mission we increase love life and truth and minimize lies/deception & suffering.

Religions are basically behavior modification , self-betterment-improvement programs utilizing thought replacement therapy processes.

People need affection,acceptance, appreciation & achievement. They are looking/thirsting/hungering for a higher quality of life/happiness.

People need their guilt & depravity addressed.
Shame , regret, guilt trips , haunting memories are impacted by the substitutionary death of Jesus and grace/Holy Spirit, bible principles address…depravity.

I disagree. Most people in the bible really heard the voice calling them directly or through other prophets. People today profess they are called by God to their present profession but it were just the voices in their minds calling them. It is true we are still called today but the last one calling was Jesus himself.

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