Can vs, Should

Among other reasons, one could be that those parents believe that those gender conditions are acquired, learned from others. They may not be aware that nobody “learns” to be a transgender; the same way that nobody learns to have Down Syndrome. Being in contact with girls does not make a teenage boy to become a girl. A child in the presence of a gay will not make the child gay. Why are those parents “protecting” their children from LGBTQ people is still to be figured out. They are not pedophiles, though some of them may be as much as some straights are anyway.


There is a point in which certain tendencies manifest and progress at the early age. I remember one of my friends when I was around 8 (he was 10) inviting me to play out essentially a gay sex, which I refused. Not because I had girl preference, but because my parents conditioned me to avoid any personal contact with private areas with strangers or anyone. If I didn’t, and turned it into a consistent “play time” activity, it’s very likely that my perception and understanding of sexuality could be warped.

I didn’t stick around long enough to see if he turned out to be gay. I don’t know whether you see much of that sexual play in your professional experience. But, I do think that to some degree sexuality could be conditioned, in the very least towards bisexuality, since it’s a stimulus response to pleasure. Likewise, gender can be conditioned too, given there’s no cultural dissonance.

I think the fear in fundamentalist environments is precisely that… given loosened constraints on sex and acceptance of sexual alternatives, the sexual norms likewise progressively broaden. Hence it’s a culture that puts a a mile-long moat around the wall between sexuality and gender roles.

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The Scriptures declare that Babylon is fallen is fallen because of its fornication. Pope Benedict XVI resigned amidst the RCC’s priest sex (male priest’s intimacy with boy fornication scandal). The Methodists are on the verge of splitting over gay marriage. The Southern baptist Convention has had over 700 of its clergy identified as predators of young boys. The Jews have been caught in the net as have Muslims. And now Pope Francis is urging the state to implement civil union laws so that men can satisfy their lusts legally (in the sight of the state).

There has to be a standard and it has to be God’s standard. It cannot be a man made standard that is in competition with God’s word. We can find lots of ways to scratch our sexual itches, but if we cannot bring our body into subjection to the law of God, we will never be in the eternal kingdom of God. And if we have no hope of Heaven, what business have we to work in an institution with the sole purpose of preparing our young people for their journey to the kingdom?

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I know quite well what LGBTQ means.

What are the "underlying intentions or motives of heterosexual people are? So how do you know what the “underlying intentions or motives” of homosexual people are? There is NO one “LGBTQ agenda”!

I personally know Adventist teachers / professors, physicians, nurses, etc who are gay. I would have no problem with my grandchildren being taught or cared for by one of them. In the 21st C you cannot realistically believe that children do not know what LGBTQ is or “shield” children from all of them.

I find your answer inaccurate and unrealistic.


Henry - IMHO you are demonstrating a lack of information. LGBTQ people are not predators. Most child abusers are not homosexual.

Furthermore, I think it is insulting for you to even infer that civil union laws are for the purpose of “men satisfying their lusts legally”. Henry, I think that is a judgmental and inaccurate assertion- which Jesus clearly forbade.


Quitting church, as your last comment, makes me wonder why you do not try to change the church from the inside? In many ways Spectrum and other SDA groups are following what Jesus did and his disciples worked to change from inside the ‘church’ as well as outside the church.

Walking away without being an inside example of God’s love to ALL is failing to be part of the solution.

Sin is sin ‘but all have sinned’. Quibbling about sin rather than accepting that all have sinned while following God’s example of acceptance for all and forgiveness rather than taking the role none of us were ever assigned as ‘God’s gatekeeper’.

I think it is a little presumptuous to pick and chose the cultural morals of the bible writers that you think should be applied to everyone. With knowledge comes change and growth, does it not. IMHO, this is the problem with religion, it has proved itself to be interested only in it own self imposed values and morals rather than move on to the NT covenant. The last several months should have taught us that all of us are the same. Can’t conveniently blame this plague on some self proclaimed moral failing since we all are the same boat. The crimes against humanity and nature which have been done by those who proclaimed themselves Christians should cause us to reconsider what we tell the world about the God we claim to worship. I think it is the attitude of exclusivity and superiority which religion thrives on that keeps the Love, Freedom and Equality which Christ proclaimed so hidden from the world around us. I am encouraged that in spite of all the hypocrisy in the way we have acted in the past many seem now to be much more accepting of peoples uniqueness, i know the secular world, whether here or around the world gets it. I look to nature and I find diversity in everything, why not peoples sexuality. We now know enough that it should be easy to say we don’t know it all but many still cling to the old burdens and guilt we have laid on people. We have been told that a relationship with God / Christ is free without preconditions or payments. We should live that way so as to not continue the heresies of the past by continuing to judge others by standards they may not share.

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