Carl Weinberg on Creationism and Anticommunism

In this interview, historian Carl R. Weinberg talks about his book Red Dynamite: Creationism, Culture Wars, and Anticommunism in America, in which he “argues that creationism’s tenacious hold on American public life depended on culture-war politics inextricably embedded in religion.” Weinberg is a senior lecturer at Indiana University-Bloomington, focusing on social movements, culture wars, and politics.

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A very interesting interview. One of his closing thoughts about the connection between fundamentalism and control, power, etc was confirming of my viewpoint. There is a long history of the two going together, hand in hand.

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Astounding. Conservatives loosing jobs, being canceled and at the university being harassed off the campus. Try speaking as a conservative at a US university, and you are not even allowed to speak. And you think that fundamentalists are the folks trying to control?? Where are any fundamentalists in control at this time?? Where? Even in the SDA church where Wilson at the head, he is not in control, and cannot call all the shots. I think Spectrum and AT are alive and well, and none that post there have been disfellowshipped.

Or am I missing something?


This is absolutely true Allen, and I speak from my experience on a University Campus in the Midwest.

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I have no love lost for religious right, but it’s seem like the free speech liberals of yesteryear are the ones who want to censor anyone who dares object the excesses of the woke culture.

What a mess.


I would suggest to all, find the book “The Psychology of Christian Nationalism” by Pamela Cooper-White. To ignore what is happening or pretending it isn’t happening does not bode well for the future in this country.

Yep Allen, it seems that you are indeed missing something: You are missing the boat!
That boat full of fools!!! … :wink: :wink:


I looked up the book in Amazon. Here is a quote from one of the reviewers:

“Far more potent than the humble ragtag movement that may have ambitions to establish a theocracy that we are told to fear, is the radically anti-national, anti-historical, anti-conservative (in the sense conservatism doesn’t have a right to exit) movement on the left.”

Christian nationalism is going nowhere. It is used as a foil to promote left-wing suppression of ideas. President Biden said that white supremacy is the nations most dangerous threat. I haven’t heard of anyone being killed by white nationalists, but multiple homicides in our large cities by criminals being let loose, and rampant gang violence, often afflicting our most vulnerable.

To suggest that Christian nationalism is our main problem is to completely ignore the real issues America is facing. Christian nationalism is truly a ragtag movement without a leader and without power. The intentional blindness on the left is astonishing.

George, nice to see you are still on the planet, but it’s time to get off the boat of fools. I’d love to join you, but I think the gang plank has been pulled up.

Perhaps though, you’re suggesting walking the plank? I may be out on the tip of that one already.

I wish the best to you, Over at Adventist Today.

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You do like to pick and choose! Read the book, otherwise you have no idea what it will tell you.

There were not that many reviews. She has her opinion. But my question to you is where is the fundamentalism or Christian nationalism exerting an influence? If you’re referencing the January 6 riot, the group that seems to have led that riot is mostly in jail not getting tried in spite of being there for months. Mr. Trump is under investigation, and as opposed by half the country. Republicans uniformly condemned the riots, the Democrats would like to paint them all as mega Republicans, that the media excoriates.

There is no organized Christian nationalGroup that has any influence. You just have to show me where that is without me having to read the book. If you can’t do that simply then I’m not sure you have anything to offer.

Forbes is a fairly conservative magazine. Nearly Half Of Republican Voters Call January 6 Riot ‘Legitimate Protest,’ Poll Finds

OK. Half of Republicans saw January 6 as a legitimate protest ( a year ago). A fair number of independents and even some Democrats also saw this as that. My own feeling is that insurrection does not describe what happened, as insurrections usually involve an armed attempts to overthrow the government. The only actual gunfire was when a rioter was shot. Not exactly insurrection material. I have heard several people describe the riots is deadly, and even say that five capital police or other officers died. But this was not the case none died as a result of the riots. In fact two of those so claimed committed suicide.

However this does not answer my question regarding Christian nationalism. Is it your opinion that half the Republican party are Christian nationalists? I’m not sure they could be described in those terms.

I looked up Christian nationalism on Google. Marjorie Green has called herself a Christian nationalist. No other Republican candidate has done so, although four others say they support this concept. Is this the group you’re worried about? Five people?

I read a Time from May 2021, by Andrew Whitehead. He claims 20% of Americans are Christian nationalists, and that this is a large threat. He states that these people are suppressing voting rights by supporting voter ID among other policies. Majorities of all groups in America support voter ID.

I just use this as an example of some confusion about what really constitutes a Christian nationalist. Yes there are conservative Christians Who are nationalists in this regard, but again with only one candidate claiming to be one, it is hard to believe that this movement has such power. The liberal caucus in the Democratic House contains 100 members. Do you really think Christian nationalists pose some kind of threat??

I was simply addressing your statement “….that Republicans uniformly condemned the riots.” In your subsequent post you seem to be minimizing the January 6 riot by pointing out that it wasn’t as deadly as other insurrections. I’m leary of accepting at face value what you argue when you misrepresent and minimize in what I would call a “glib” manner. One other point. I was horrified that ANY Democrats would characterize the riot as good for democracy. It doesn’t hurt to plainly point out where you differ from a group of individuals that you generally identify with.

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I was thinking of the Republican politicians who condemn the riot, not the rank-and-file several months later. But it is clear that a large percentage felt it was legitimate protest. Actually about a third of the country saw them as legitimate. I saw the blm riots on tv. The seemed much more violence to me with actual killing and burning than the capitol riots. I suspect that these riots inured people to the Capitol riots. But the capitol riot was wrong

However, you have not shown that Christian nationalism is a real threat. It’s like claiming white supremacy is a threat, when there are hardly any white supremacists.

Christian nationalists have no power. Give me an example of how they have succeeded.

You are horrified that there are 13% that don’t see things like you do? This only show how far left you are, and I sense unable to understand the other side’s viewpoint. I think your view on Christian Nationalism confirms this.

I earlier mentioned a book “The Psychology of Christian Nationalism,Why people are drawn in and How to talk across the divide”, by Pamela Cooper-White. What I find interesting that some refuse to believe it exist or that it even continues, if it ever did exist. The book has 190 pages, 3 chapters and 47 pages of sources notes. It gives a definition, history, why people are drawn to it and how to talk about the issues involved.

One can choose to deny, but at least make ones self aware of the vast amount of history leading to this issue and the supporting data demonstrating that it is areal phenomenon and is not going away. A research study by two sociologist of religion, Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry, 16000 respondents, arrived at the following definition: “Christian nationalism is a cultural frame work, a collection of myths, traditions, symbols, narratives and value systems, that idealizes and advocates a fusion of Christianity with American civic life.”


Isn’t it often said of the devil that their greatest deception is deceiving people into thinking they don’t exist. I would have to list this as the greatest deception of the Christian Nationalists.

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Guys, you misquote me. I never said they did not exist, but only that they are an insignificant player, and a foil for Dems.

Again, give me an example of where they have exerted power.

And your comment, Robert, seems like that of a conspiracy theorist! Like Hillary and her “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” But yours is invisible! Get out from under the bed, you’ll be fine!

Here is what you guys are up against.

On April 4, Jarod Polis, gov. Of Colorado signed into law a bylaw on abortion.

An anti-abortion activist tweeted: “Gov Polis just signed into law a bill legalizing abortion through all nine months until the moment of birth.”

Facebook flagged this as misinformation, and Politifact, a fact checking outfit looked at it.

They noted the stats regarding abortion at various weeks of pregnancy, and observed that abortion in the third trimester was rare. They then quoted the law:

“Colorado’s law protects the right to have an abortion and does not make distinctions or regulations around a time or stage during pregnancy.”

They then rated the tweet by the activist as “False”.

Really? The law clearly allows for abortion, and specifically does not restrict abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Just as the activist tweeted. She made no argument about rarity of the procedure, but that it was allowed, just as the law states.

If your side is going to do this sort of thing and expect the rest of us to believe you when you make wild claims on Christian Nationalism, you will be sadly mistaken.

Classical avoidance, I gave you a source to read, in its entirety and you refused. Until you study an issue, how is it that you feel others should listen to you and buy into your opinion?? We can all have opinions, but an opinion with actual data certainly carries more validity.

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