Catholic and Adventist Health Systems Join Forces in Walla Walla

I’m wondering if her time there was on a temporary basis. Not a permanent higher manager.

I know of people at WWGH that are as far as they can go in the hospital system because they aren’t Adventists.

Oh well, guess it won’t be an issue now. Maybe the doors will be open to the most qualified, not because their name is on a church roll somewhere.

I’m Presbyterian. I worked at an Adventist Health employee for over 10 years. I really don’t believe in churches, I believe in GOD. Creator of all things good and bad. Know correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Adventist believe anyone who acknowledges Sabbath on Sunday are going to Hell? They practice their sabbath on Saturday , correct? Could be wrong again, but Catholic’s are Adventist’s arch enemy? So this sounds like a classical example of profit over principal rather principal over profit. They say it will benefit community. That’s called pulling sheet over the sheeps eyes. The only people it will benefit is the administrators of the hospitals who all make six digit salaries. Administrators are useless in my opinion, hospitals can run without them. The employees make a hospital run efficiently , not over paid suits. Thank you for your time , have a blessed day, and God bless to all regardless of religion.

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