Catholicism and Dr. Kellogg with Austin Loignon—Adventist Voices

In this episode of Adventist Voices, Austin Loignon, PhD, talks about his dissertation research into the European influences on John Harvey Kellogg’s views of health and spirituality. Loignon argues that Kellogg was influenced by the Catholic late scholasticism revival of Thomas Aquinas’s theology.

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This is a great interview and subject. But Austin Loignon seems to make the mistake of believing that “fit for translation” that term is equivalent to salvation. That is very much wrong. As the fit for translation is that special group of, usually, thought of as Adventists who would be translated at the second coming. So when Kellogg writes about keeping the health laws like the 10 commandments he means that to violate health laws is a sin and brings on damnation, I think that is not his intent, It is hard for modern Adventists to realize that there was such an intense desire to be part of the translated to heaven, That emphasis is largely lost all these generations later.

Sory, I cannot open the video and rely only on the posting above and the short introduction of Alexander Carpenter.

But : There I find a strong influence of Continental Romanticism , this (short and not sufficient) backlash to Enlightenment.

Johann Nestroy (1805 -1861) , playwright and commedian , lets one Frenchamn on stage say :“Ick bewundere der Natüüür!” - expressing the divinity of “Nature” , The issue : “Nature” ,gving and healing (EGW : “nature” without a capital letter !) In Germany is popular up until today : “Naturheilkunde” vs. “Schulmedizin” -
Free Church Pastor Bodelschwingh in founding the first Mental Health Asylum at Bethel , Germany, with a railroad station ( for letting the families come for a visit), a pleasant surrounding landscape - for supporting mental health - and a local Church supporting the institution by its prayers - -

“Lebensreform” with water cures, healthful meals, no vaccination, no “Schulmedizin” , no medication with Digitalis, WE take crataegutt instead !!! - - - was essential for also the early SDAs - - -

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