CeCSUR—An Italian Experiment in Contextual Theology

CeCSUR (Cultural Center for Human and Religious Sciences), in connection with the theology facutly of Italian Adventist University in Florence, Italy, celebrated its 15th anniversary this week with the presentation of the book Bioethics.[1] Its author, moral philosopher Luisella Battaglia of the University of Genoa, is a member of the Rome-based CNB (National Bioethics Committee) and the invited lecturer for the B.B. Beach[2] Lectures 2022. Regarding a recent trend in some Italian regions (Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo) of retreating and restricting the application of Law 194 (1978) on abortion, Battaglia recalled how the struggle for fourth-generation rights over the body, health, etc., needs to be defended to counter a trend that wants to turn history’s clock backward. But this defense of acquired individual rights must not lead us to reinforce anthropocentrism, which a defense of these rights unwittingly drags along with it.

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Thanks for sharing this iniative mostly unknown for us adventists even in Europe. As a european adventist university student in humanities, is refreshing to know that part of our church at least, takes seriously in consideration not only our surrounding society and culture but above all the questions they articulate and make sound even if for us believers this fact makes our spiritual and cultural journey more complicated and difficult in the sense that it compels us not only to affirm but also to reflect our faith through.

I would rather say - reality allows itself to be instructed by faith. Unless faith comes first, reality can become convoluted.

This could easily be summed up by “Love your neighbour; and love God, and all He has created.” That emanates from faith since there is no earthly source for such impetus - faith, defined as hope beyond what is being advertised by neon signs. For the SDA experience, there needs to be a recognition of that faith beyond its own artificial borders.

The whole essay is beyond amazing for its insights, breadth and passion for bioethics, faith, and responsible decision-making. Thank you professor.


Where does that leave Christianity, as such; followed by “which” Christianity… The best this can be is an outgrowth of an existing faith. This “theologia viatorum” does dovetail with Christ’s message of the “coming kingdom” being present, but also in the future - a growing/expanding faith. I’m afraid this faith is going to remain in the “halls of ivy”. If Christ couldn’t remove the walls around this kingdom, I doubt we can.

I don’t think I understand what you mean, Sirge. Are you saying that there is nothing innately human that causes us to demonstrate love and kindness and delight in enjoying life? That unless there is a recognition that there is a god and that god is given credit for our loving acts and our appreciation of nature it is not genuine? Or perhaps that you give God credit for any genuine loving human impulse whether it is acknowledged or not? Or something different?

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Any “genuine loving human impulse” we humans are capable of showing comes from outside ourselves - optimally within the first five years of our lives. Absent that, anything can happen. Most people have some influence that, when nurtured, can make it possible to feel empathy, respect, and even love. "Love your neighbour … is a thumb-nail description of the foundation that makes us personally and socially functional. This usually requires a family, which is under attack within current social conditions.

This!! Thank you!


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Villa Aurora sees the sunrise sooner than many others, from its vantage point. Thank you, Dr. Hans Gutierrez

Wholeness of the created world was in Eden. We anticipate wholeness also in the peaceable kingdom, in the restored Paradise to come, where the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations. Meanwhile in the already (and not yet) kingdom of God, healing unction is found and shared at and outward from the side of our blessed Redeemer (the Great Physician), who is next to the heart of the God of truth and grace, our Savior; with the divine office of the comforting, welcoming, and hospitable Holy Spirit, who brings all creation into one.

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