Celebrating the Career of Bonnie Dwyer

Editor’s note: At the end of 2021, Bonnie Dwyer retired after spending 23 years as executive editor of Spectrum Magazine and executive director of the parent organization, Adventist Forum. The following tributes were written for a celebration held on January 8 to honor her years of leadership.

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Spectrum magazine has during Bonnie Dwyer’s tenure published an amazing array of articles that have been spiritually uplifting, intellectually stimulating, and simply beautiful. That is, she makes intellectual rigor and beauty walk hand in hand. But the tribute by Dave Larson, Chuck Scriven, and Carmen Lau says the most important think clearly and well: Bonnie’s most enduring legacy will be her love. Thank you, Bonnie, for allowing many, including this writer, to experience your love.


Thank you Spectrum for celebrating the life of Bonnie why she is still able to appreciate and enjoy the tributes. Everyone, whether infamous or not should get to hear how much they are loved and appreciated while alive. We had a big “Celebration of Life” for my mother at 90. Sang all her favorite Hymns and read her favorite Bible verses, plus had tributes from family and friends. My mother was delighted and sat up front in a Queens chair beaming. Celebrations and tributes belong to the living. When I see famous people, including people in our government be given such lavish parades and accolades I think, “Oh if you had only done that for them while they could enjoy it”. We need to rethink Life Celebrations.

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Thank you Spectrum and Bonnie for so many important contributions to our community!

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Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie , Bonnie -

What a great woman !! How much did you give us , manage for us, do for us, help us, share the wordlwide community of believers - .- - The many beautiful women and men I met on my screen - and some even at my coservative , bubbleclosed SDA ultradatitional environment ! - - - ! Their joy, their victories, their difficulties, their need of my prayer and my compassion, their worldview so fat from mine - am I one from “Down Under” ? - - And their needs and the troubles and difficulzies- - and the lifes beauty and the hope they share with me - thanks to you , Bonnie °! (And I often could quote - in Sabbath school, in the sermons I was in the pulpit times ago and at the potluck - - - and in everyday Bonnie, have many thanks ! Have your special crown in the World to Come !

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