Central California Conference Constituency Meeting Ends Without the Election of a President

The 34th Constituency Session of the Central California Conference convened at Fresno Adventist Academy on November 17, 2019. The highlight of the agenda was the election of officers and directors, but when the meeting concluded at 5:00 p.m., no president had been elected, although other officers and directors had been voted.

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I’ve heard this part of an effort to find a more conservative president that will make the conservative Central Valley Adventists happy. Not a good sign for many of the bay area churches.


"However, a delegate went to the microphone and claimed that her voting mechanism had not worked. She requested the vote be done over with paper ballots, which prompted its own controversy, including a comment about General Conference voting mechanisms."

When I read the first part of the sentence…I thought that I was reading a spoof until I read the last part. Incredible…


LOL…we still don’t know if this wasn’t the case- either here…or in San Antonio. :wink:


How many Adventists does it take to properly run an election?

We don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet. :wink:

Feel free to add other punchlines…


ROFL…best laugh I have had in months! Thank-you, Carol. :smiley:


In SA I was standing next to one of the senior GC Administrators someone I have worked with for 20 years and know well. When the system first failed, his initial assumption was conspiracy.

My faith in humanity is still stronger than my faith in Technology with buttons, just.


I suggest calling the local high school (or junior high) and have them conduct the voting…they do it all the time.


I have no faith whatsoever in people vs technology, especially Adventist people. There will always be those who cannot figure out which button to push. It’s diabolical when it comes to Adventist’s and voting machines, I swear! :japanese_ogre::flushed::laughing:


And cheaper and the students could do “tutorials” for those who need them. Good suggestion.


I don’t know if you were in attendance at the the GC 2015…however, my husband was and he wasn’t impressed with the leadership or some of the attendees from certain parts of the world. Let’s just say that he doesn’t rule out “conspiracy”…or necessarily, “incompetence”. Could possibly be a little of both.


This is an interesting case study in church governance. The constituency outlasted the nominating committee, which may have been engineered to replace the president. Even if the NC was successful in placing change agents on the new ExCom, president Cano will likely be reelected or resign as a way to unify the conference. Either way, beware, there are some powerful lay movements in CCC.


Grey’s Law: “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”


Isn’t all ballots paper even US and most national elections
Where is the conspiracy

Is it a case of God guiding in the process to over rule man?
Or a case of man trying to manipulate the process to be one up on the brethren?
It is a good time to pray for God’s will to be done.

No matter what peoples opinions are its great this voting is open and whole world is watching .

God guiding or man ?
Lets hope its biblical and church and bible 1st

No. (And the rest is filler to meet minimum posting requirements)


When I voted a couple of weeks ago here in Macon for a local issue
there were a bank of computers. I stepped to one and Voted.
It was the first time I used it. Instructions were very simple.

Antonio Huerta – “a speech by one against him” [I wonder what the complaint was. the article did not provide]. 236 YES, 232 NO.
There appears to be a HUGE voting block. I wonder what the ISSUES
are with them. The Article does NOT provide any Insight as to what is
happening between the Everything has been OK Crowd, and the WE
don’t like what has been Happening Crowd.
Is it “Independent Ministries” that have pushing a certain “mind-set” in

I do know some persons DO quote some of the Independent Ministries
like they are Ellen White successors.


I wonder what the backstory to Elder Cano is that has caused his re-election to be rejected? This does not happen very often unless there is serious malfeasance in office! Maybe he has failed to work cooperatively with influentially lay leaders?


Pastor Cano – It was a huge voting block against him. But there were many
who DID LIKE his policies.
Too bad the Article writer could NOT give us more insight as to the
POLITICAL PROBLEMS calling for such STRONG “Yes” Votes, such STRONG
“No” Votes.

There appears to be a LOT of DIVISIVENESS among the Adventists in that
When there is a lot of divisiveness it makes it difficult to “PROMOTE MISSION”.