Change Will Come: An Interview with Gary Patterson about the Once and Future Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the Upcoming General Conference Session

There is a belief among many SDA’s that Christ’s Second Coming can be delayed. That may have been true err this. But the Book of Daniel teaches that God has “An appointed time.” In other words, God can cut the sin problem short in righteousness, but there is a time known only to Him that He will not allow sin to continue past.

Daniel 4 together with Revelation teaches that the sin problem or Satan’s insane rebellion is limited to 6,000 years with the 7 thousandth year for the earth to rest. When President Pence is in office, we will be at the end of the road. God will wrap it up ready or not.

Thus, the only delay that we will experience is the delay in getting ready for our Lord to come. But His coming will not be delayed beyond the appointed time.

Who said only 5 more years? Just look at Putin, where there is a will there is a by law.


Hold on, Jeremy, i don’t think that the st paddy’s day parade is as critical or as important as a ‘gc session’.

LOL, dinosaurs are not extinct, they instead gathered in ultrafundamental churches, as evinced by this story…

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No quicker disqualification than the arrogated claim of remnancy.
The “remnant” (like Jesus) believes itself to be abandoned-yet remains faithful and true. Like that analogous bolt of cloth, left over, “unneeded” on the musty shelf.

If remnancy is our litmus test of policy we, like Israel, have lost our status as the
“the remnant”.
“What is left of a community after it undergoes a catastrophe”.

If you have repented of your sins and trusted in Christ, then you are part of that remnant that God has saved. He has saved them for His glory, not that they (or we) are worthy of being saved or called. This establishes the fact that salvation is fully a work of God so that He alone receives all honor, glory, and praise; just as it should be. That we glory in our claimed remnancy predicated on our policy may well be the icing on that cake we left out in the rain. Do we rely on our policy more than Jesus?

The best opportunity to make a change could well be at the upcoming GC session, particularly if a large number are not able to attend…

Another option could be to hold the session in the UK. They appear to be experimenting with not shutting down meetings and events. This could also be another way of decimating the group of people that are holding back change. But that would be mean of me to suggest, wouldn’t it.

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well, there is a remnant church described in Rev 12:17…as far as i can see, we are the only church that fits the bill described…

Well… if keeping the commandments of God is, as Jesus said, summarized accurately as loving our neighbor and loving God then the church is not doing so well with the female portion of our church neighborhood.


Rev 12:17 says nothing about a church.


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