Childhood Friends Now Lead Two of Ten Largest Faith-based Health Systems

If one accepts the premise that “big doors swing on little hinges,” then there’s a little “hinge” about 25 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas, that opened some huge doors in the healthcare world.

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Thanks for the article - it speaks to the value of Adventist Grade School and High School education! I wish there were a clear answer to the lack of interest in our schools today. There’s also another set of childhood friends that would result in a very similar story. Greeneville (TN) Adventist Academy graduated two boys in the class of 1972 who are now presidents of Adventist Universities. Ken Shaw (my brother and not related to Terry Shaw from this article), and John McVay (Whose dad was my favorite pastor as a kid) both went from this small-town school to their positions of responsibility at Walla Walla and Southwestern Adventist University…


But not anymore than their respective parental influence and dedication to SDA education. The trajectory is set by parents, the school serves are the pathways.