Chris Oberg Leaving Lead Pastor Role

In a video statement released on September 7, Chris Oberg, longtime lead pastor of the La Sierra University Church in Riverside, California, announced she is stepping down from that role.

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this is big news…i wonder if Chris Oberg is signalling an interest in politics…perhaps she should consider a run for the U.S. senate as a down the road goal…Diane Feinstein, at 88, seems to be in a perpetual verge of retirement suspension that will no doubt happen soon, and Alex Padilla doesn’t strike me as someone who can win re-election in 2022…Eric Swalwell seems to be waiting in the wings for something, but he would only be able to fill one of California’s senate seats…while these immediate opportunities are probably coming too soon for a serious Oberg run, it isn’t as though Georgia’s Raphael Warnock hasn’t shown that a pastor can be an effective senator…Texas’ Sheila Jackson Lee, and for many yrs, has already shown that an adventist can be an effective, influential congresswoman…

of course there’s tons of money that would need to be raised, not to mention insider knowledge and name recognition that would need to be achieved…Oberg would need to build many bridges outside of adventism…but she does seem to be hinting at involvement in something outside of the church…if the goal is meeting the social justice needs of as many people as possible, there probably isn’t anything more effective than a U.S. senate seat…she could start local, and work her way up…she could then eventually run in a jungle primary, and win it all…more than most other states, California seems set up for big surprises at every turn…

in my mind, the bottom line is that Oberg’s communication skills are outstanding enough that she’d make an easy to believe in candidate for a broad cross-section of people…

Charity .org CEOs are also in shortage, especially those that have superb org skills. Plus, they get better feedback, more control, and more appreciation.

I sure hope it’s not politics she is going for. At the low level, it’s the lowest-impact possibility for individual with no insider knowledge.

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perhaps, but they’re not particularly publicly visible or known…I think Oberg is a natural lime light personality…she isn’t meant to be a background type…

She will be greatly missed. La Sierra University Church is one of the first in the denomination to have a goal to affirm LGBTQI people, probably the first in an academic setting. The Kinship Sabbath School is pioneering. I hope that they continue this work of inclusiveness.


Just curious about the process of announcing a transition. I’m guessing some SECC executive committee members were previously notified about this. Interesting coincidence regarding the election of a successor to Sandra Roberts.

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