Christendom, the Police State, and the “Upside-down” Bible

Rome did not crucify people because they preached private, religious experience. In fact, Rome was quite tolerant of a broad range of religious beliefs, religious syncretism, and practices. They also didn’t crucify people because they were doing good to others. They used crucifixion to send a message, “This is what will happen to you if you step out of line/mess with us.”

Jesus was perceived as a threat to the social order in Judea. He was a threat to the temple (see his cleansing of it), its power structure, and the national/religious authorities in place, that colluded with Rome to keep order. He acted non violently, yet provocatively, organizing a movement around himself whose symbolism, twelve apostles and seventy two disciples, was the announcement of a newly constituted Israel. He made claims of being Messiah, verbal and non-verbal, that showed up on the Roman radar, and were used effectively by his accusers to get him executed.

The deck was stacked politically against him; would be messiahs were not looked upon kindly in Roman controlled Judea. They were perceived and dealt with as threats. Jesus was treated no differently, and his claims of kingship flew in the face of the kingship of Caesar, intentionally or not. In fact, the subsequent gospel proclamation of Jesus is Lord, had its own built in subversive subtext, even if also unintentional…Caesar was not. That was right in line with the OT proclamations of YHWH as king of the world through his anointed servant king/son of man figure, (see Isa. 40-66, Daniel 7, and Ps. 2) over against the pagan gods and pagan rulers.

To portray Jesus and the gospel message as having nothing to say to the religious and political powers is to privatize the gospel, and to make it only about individual spirituality and experience in a way that discounts the broader implications of what the gospel of the kingdom is really all about. If we believe this gospel, then we have something to say about injustice, oppression, and the corruption and abuse of power that causes such, in whatever setting we may find ourselves in the world, ecclesial or more broadly societal. The prophets did, Jesus did, and so should we.




Yes. The term we translate to messiah and have given much meaning to means simply “the anointed one”. The anointed one is the king of the Jews, because the king was anointed by a priest or prophet by pouring oil over his head.

And so when Jesus accepted the label messiah, he was making a claim to be a king. This was against the law. This is why Rome put him on a cross. It’s what they commonly did to anyone attempted to claim anything that by right belonged only to Caesar.

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Let’s hope you are right.
Trump has consistently demonstrated his ability to trick people into underestimating him. He is not just bumbling along.
The fundamentalists could be right - that he just might be the “chosen one”.

He was accused of claiming to be the messiah, the anointed one, the king of the Jews. And he didn’t deny it.

It was a stupid photo op on the part of President Trump, but I think you putting him on the same level of Hitler is too much. The left said the same about Bush and he was as far removed from Hitler as they come. It ceases to amaze me how Trumps enemies distort everything he does, but then again he gives them a lot of ammunition because shoots s mouth off without regard to consequences. I have looked at several pics of Trump with his infamous Bible photo-op, and it clearly shows the red tails of a bookmark stickling out the bottom through his fingers. Many bibles, and most likely this one have a moveable bookmark attached inside with a tail that hangs out the bottom. so the Bible is clearly NOT upside-down.

The scowl on his face clearly shows he is not a happy camper. It’s pathetic all the way around. Trump seldom, if ever rises above the fray, and offers sometime to calm the waters. Some laud the fact he stirs the pot, and on occasion that is good, but not when the nation is in the grips of such turmoil.

But I am getting a bit tired of all this prolonged uprising and protest.  I think the message has been heard loud and clear.  Changes need to be made to stop this kind of police brutality.  But I think the these onslaught of blogs on spectrum that have been endlessly grinding away at it are too much.

Frank. it seems like in this technological age you just about manufacture anyphoto you want to. I agree with your post here. I am finding it harder every day to say I will just hold my nose and vote for Trump, just because I abhor how far left the democrats have gone. I’m hoping there are enough Republicans to start an insurrection in the party to boot him at the convention in august.


trump is definitely not just bumbling along…i believe his taxes will show that he’s been gaming the system for many yrs - falsely under-estimating assets for tax purposes, and false over-estimating them for loan purposes…there’s no question that trump is a con artist who’s very good at what he does…for instance, i think he knew all along that cohen would go to jail for the stormy daniels payments, and that he, being president, wouldn’t…

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All Presidents, political figures, stage photo ops. Remember when President Clinton had the SS pile up rocks at Normandy so he could look like he was all alone reflecting on the landing and all the lives lost. The rocks turned out to not even be rocks found anywhere near Normandy. Its only a big deal to people who got nothing going for their sad state of mind.

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Oh come on George. I think Trump has not mesmerized a majority of Americans like Hitler did the Germans. Hitler stands in a league all by himself. Trump is, well, in a league of, of,of…


Usually we are on opposites sides of an issue, but on this statement, I couldn’t agree with your more. Very well said and very important for all of us to read.

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Never again will I ask how nazism became acceptable in Germany. America, wake up. We are in great danger.


I disagree with your premise. Jesus did not butt heads with the governmental leaders or the religious leaders, but many of his sermons and a number of his parables were decisive blows to those in power of the day. Jesus’s parables enraged the Pharisees so much that they couldn’t wait to have Him killed. His message was capped off at the end of Matthew 25 when he pointed out who would be saved and who would be lost…in case you missed it, it basically said, the people who will be saved were the ones who visited the poor, the ones in prison, who comforted the sick, and who, if (I can be so bold to add) Jesus was speaking to those who had been racially profiled, those who were discriminated, those who were beaten and killed because of the color of their skin. Jesus said a lot to the powers that be. But, you’re right, He didn’t do it in their face or carry a protest sign. You are absolutely wrong that he was silent. He said a great deal.

On judgment day, the last thing I would want to have to defend would be a discriminatory injustice of someone because of who they were, where they came from or the color of their skin. On those counts, I think God is going to be unforgiving. And I think I should add, I am a privileged white man.


What biblical values does Trump uphold? He is a pathological liar; he is immoral; he is hateful; he is dishonest; just to list a few of his ungodly characteristics. Anything that he does that one would consider biblical is done for the most part to hold onto his base. I do believe that he is mentally ill, and he is only getting worse.



It has been reported in more than one publication that Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf in his nightstand by his bed. I know that he is a total illiterate and probably never read it, but he does come from a German background. Also one in which there are photographs of his father marching in a KKK parade with a white sheet and hood. I can’t imagine that some of that didn’t rub off in his upbringing.


One does not need to be a Jew to be anti-Nazi and in the same way one does not need to be black to be anti-racist. To understand the voices crying out for equality and justice all one need be is a decent human being.

Making America Great Again cannot succeed by taking from others but only by cooperation and giving. Not by dominating protesters who cry out to be heard so they to may enjoy rights endowed to them by God and be truly equality in society. To those who espouse the doctrine of greatness and prosperity at the expense of others know now that history is filled with bloody pages of death and misery that empowered a system leading to the civil war and the injustice applied to Mr. Floyd and many others. We are not ignorant of the scourge of inequality, the nature of the Confederacy, and the resulting civil and economic injustice that for generations has persisted, so we stop feigning surprise and disbelief at the events we see today.

Greed and exceptionalism have poisoned men’s souls and barricaded many into world of hate, it has lead us into civil strife, misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in and others out. Technology that gives abundance has left many in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard, unkind and without empathy. We think too much and feel too little for the sufferings of others. More than technology and money we need humanity. More than Make America Great Again we need cooperation, kindness, gentleness, and a willingness to listen and change. Without careful fostering of these qualities, life will become more and more violent and all will be lost….
Charlie Chaplin paraphrased


bvj_01Beverley Joseph

You have given a true description of most democrats in the government and Biden’s cognitive state (have you noticed how Trump never runs out of something to say whereas Biden often doesn’t know what to say?). Very interesting.

I am not sure what biblical values Trump upholds since I do not know him personally. I do know that he upholds the U.S. Constitution, values all U.S. citizens regardless of ethnicity, color, or age. He loves our country, protects it with very wise decisions, and believes in law and order. I also know that we did not vote in a pastor. I have heard of Trumps immoral past but have not heard of any recent immorality he has committed. I do know that each human is on their own path regarding salvation and that none of us decides salvation for anyone else. I urge you to continue praying for our president to do what is best for our country while we await the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Thanks for sharing this. Absolutely excellent words!
I hope with all my heart that more investigation takes place into the police brutality. In my opinion, leadership and police unions play a huge part in aiding and abetting the brutality that corrupt officers commit which results in an unfair judgement within the court system. When an unfair decision is made citizens get angry and some over-react by committing criminal behavior as a response and that just perpetuates the bias and prejudice. An example is the current vandalism, looting, and anarchy. Watching now what is happening in Seattle one can easily see the failed leadership by the governor and mayor and how they have responded to anarchy.

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The democrats who are famous for operating the KKK started a very corrupt gang indeed. Our citizens will never forget this corruption.

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I highly doubt that the situation is that of pre-Nazi Germany. It’s actually more like pre-Soviet Russia, with much of the discontent brewing on the liberal end of things, which resulted in Socialist Revolution.

The case with Nazism was more of a right wing nationalists takeover. I don’t see right wing nationalists take over anything, given everything going on right now. It seems to me much more like left wing take over in Russia.

Those aren’t people who love Trump who are tearing up the stores and disbanding police.

Just following your logic: According to your POV, Trump is like the tsar and the current US system is comparable to his autocratic system of exploitation and suppression. There was a real reason for the Russian revolution, and it is another one than just liberals wanting to take over, and this reason is comparable to today’s US events according to your comparison. Interesting.

I don’t think the structures of the two systems can be compared that far. But some similarities do exist: People, that are oppressed, will break free sooner or later. And other people will join just for their own agenda, which has nothing to do with the real reason in the first place. When the revolution succeeds, then the real test will come: Do you live up to your own ideals? And most revolutions failed at this point.