Church and State Converge in Brazil’s New Pathfinders Day

On September 4, 2023, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva declared September 20 as National Pathfinders Day. This achievement highlights the increasing significance of Pathfinders in Brazil. Beyond this official recognition, there has been been a story of growing participation.

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WOW!!! That picture above is SO familiar. It was taken at the UNASP’s main campus in São Paulo (one of three campuses). The building on the right is the Cafeteria (upper level) and in the center we can see the girls dormitory. I saw both buildings being built since I studied in that school for 16 years (1957-1972). We lived in the vicinity and I could walk to school. Great memories!!! Two of my HS teachers are still alive, Nevil Gorski, 99 (physics and emeritus school director) and Oly Pinto, 91 (chemistry).

I am told that UNASP has over 17K students and offers ca. 35 college degrees. It’s the largest SDA university worldwide.

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