Church Funds Billboard at Entrance to Republican National Convention — and More News Shorts

In this week’s news round-up, a church in Florida places billboard ad proclaiming Saturday as the true Sabbath at the entrance of the RNC, West African students boycott school exams scheduled for Sabbath, Michael and Lindy Chamberlain's car displayed at National Museum of Australia, and an Adventist Nigerian governor praises God for his recovery from COVID-19.

“Seventh-day Adventist Believers” from The Eternal Gospel Church in Florida Fund Billboard, Proclaiming Saturday the True Sabbath. On July 20, 2020, The Eternal Gospel Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, placed a large billboard directly in front of the entrance to the planned Republican National Convention in Jacksonville. The website,, describes the church as founded in 1992 "by Seventh-day Adventist believers." 

Senior Pastor, Raphael Perez, explained, "This issue of making a national day of rest on Sunday is being pushed by the mainline denominations… President Trump and the people need to be warned because the violation of God's 4th commandment by forcing worship on Sunday will seriously hurt the nation and the earth according to Isaiah 24:5-6 and Revelation 14:9-12." From Cision PR Newswire, “Huge Billboard in Front of Republican National Convention Center Sparks Interest.”

West African SDA Senior High Students Boycott School Exams Scheduled on Sabbath.

Three students of the Agona Senior High Technical School recently boycotted the Asante Twi paper in the ongoing West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The students said they would rather register and write the paper in the November–December edition of the examination if it is slated for any other day apart from Saturday than flout their religious belief. In a radio interview with Accra based Asempa FM on its Eko Sii Sen talk program, one of the three students who boycotted the exam said he was standing by his faith. He insisted he will never flout his belief in keeping the Sabbath day "holy" and will not kowtow to any other thing apart from keeping Saturday as a holy day.

He said apart from the three of them who boycotted the paper in his school at Agona, other Adventist students in the same school took part in the exam. The timetable, first released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) in January 2020 for this year's exams, did not have any paper slated for Saturday. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the exams were postponed. When a revised timetable was released on July 6, 2020, it had some papers slated for Saturday. Some members of the SDA Church expressed concern about the development and argued that compelling Adventist students to write some papers on Saturday was wrong. From Graphic Online, “3 SDA students boycott WASSCE twi exam slated for Saturday.”

Michael and Lindy Chamberlain's Car Displayed at National Museum of Australia. Forty years ago, Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo at Uluru in the Northern Territory. What followed was an exhaustive criminal case that divided the nation, and a miscarriage of justice that has echoed through decades of Australian history. Now the Chamberlains' family car, where police had alleged baby Azaria was murdered, is on public display in Canberra for the first time in the National Museum of Australia (NMA). The museum has hundreds of objects relating to the Azaria Chamberlain case, from the family's camping gear and memorabilia, to the car where police had alleged she was murdered. "This car is a really important symbol of the Chamberlain case," National Museum of Australia curator Sophie Jensen said. "During the second inquest… the car was essentially ripped apart in an attempt to prove that it was the location of Azaria's murder.

Michael Chamberlain, who died in 2017, always loved the Torana for its flamboyant color, its speed, and the controversial image it lent his profession as a Seventh-day Adventist minister. Once his family was cleared over Azaria's disappearance, he fought to have his pride and joy returned. It was finally returned in 1990, in pieces, and he was compensated $19,000 to finance its restoration. The finishing touch: a custom number plate that speaks of the car's critical role in a failed police case. "You can see a certain black humor in his choice of personalized number plate with '4ENSIC'," Jensen said. "But for Michael, what this car represented was a symbol of what the family had endured."

In 2014, Michael donated his proudly restored V8 to the museum. "The car represents a gross injustice, and it also symbolizes freedom as the result of the proper and independent revision of forensic science which eventually saw Lindy and I exonerated in 1988," he said at the time. The Chamberlain's Torana will be on show at the NMA for two weeks before returning to storage. "It's a little moment in time where we can all mark and reflect on the significance of this case," Jensen said. From ABC News, “Car at the centre of Azaria Chamberlain case goes on display at National Museum of Australia 40 years on.”

Adventist Nigerian Governor Praises God for His Recovery from COVID-19. Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, Governor of Abia State in Nigeria, says he has forgiven those who wished him dead while he was receiving medical attention for COVID-19 disease. Ikpeazu who stated this at a thanksgiving service at the Eastern Nigeria Union Conference (ENUC) headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, explained that the ugly development has strengthened his faith in God. “If not for the faithfulness of God, I would have been a dead man. I thank the team of doctors whom God used to restore my health, the clergy, and the people of Abia State who supported me in prayer.”

He pledged to join hands with his Governor-colleagues from other states in completing the on-going building of the 3,000 capacity auditorium of the Seventh-day Adventist, Hill Top, before the end of the year.

Dr. Bassey Udoh, the President of ENUC described the event as an opportunity to thank God for His healing mercies upon Gov. Ikpeazu, adding that the word of God clearly states that the Lord’s faithfulness remains everlasting. From Vanguard, “COVID-19 Recovery:  I have forgiven those who wished me dead – Ikpeazu.”


Please note: Spectrum news round-ups are an aggregation of regional, national, and international publications around the world that have reported on stories about Adventists. As such, the accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the original publishers, which are noted and hyperlinked at the end of each excerpt.


Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Yucaipa, California.

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Editor's Note (August 31, 2020 at 6:45 a.m. EDT): The headline of this article has been updated for clarity.


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Conspiracy theorists and their theories (deep state, etc) seem to be attracted (and attractive) to the Republican Party. Who knows? Perhaps many in the party will sign on to this uniquely Adventist conspiracy theory. Other ideas that are promoted in Adventism show promise in the Republican arena.The other night there was a speaker, Diane Tenenbaum, who is reported to have Twittered advice that husbands and wives should be united in their voting and if there is disunity, both should vote as the husband, as head of the family, directs. I haven’t been paying much attention to conspiracy. To be fair, there may conspiracy paranoia expressed all over the political spectrum.

Too bad that the billboard does not state that Donald Trump is an anti-Christ.


Oh God Phil!! Really


Where is documentation from a credible source that Sunday laws are being actively promoted in the United States today? I read widely, but haven’t seen anything about this.

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In a number of states (USA) beer and wine sales are limited on Sunday. This is documented by a number of credible sources. It could be that Sunday limitation of beer and wine sales is the thin edge of the wedge. :slight_smile:


Well that has been in place for forty years so it’s not like it’s a new deal.


Perhaps it would have been better for the Florida church to begin by addressing the problem at the Sunday beer and wine sales level, Chuck. Nip it in the bud.

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Nip it for sure! No beer or wine

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There are a lot of Blue Laws in the US. I have yet to see the Bible talk about Sunday Laws.
Personally, if I were standing there I would be embarrassed to admit I was an SDA. Guess I would slink away into the shadows like the Disciples did.


Perhaps apropos court jester commentary?

Indeed, often not available until after 12:30.
Long-winded pastors are thus effectively helped along to close in timely fashion…

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How embarrassing. Reminds me of those SDAs who distributed copies of the “Great Controversy” (undoubtedly to “finish the work”) in some large eastern city – I’m thinking of Philadelphia. Only to have the USPS report later that they could hardly haul them away in dumpster, none apparently read. Why do SDAs do these things? This sort of thing has embarrassed me right out of the church.


Our namesake doctrine is a bit confused. That unfortunate billboard is the result of our pioneers’ reading our modern calendar week into Genesis thousands of years before calendar weeks were ever thought of. If we could take a ride in Mr. Peabody’s WABAK Machine :wink: and ask Moses what day of the week was Sabbath, his answer would be, “What day of the what?” (The word translated “week” in the OT simply meant ANY 7 consecutive days (just like the word fortnight means any 14 consecutive days).
Or we can simply look at an ancient Hebrew calendar and confirm the absence of weeks.

Genesis 1 says that the first day began when God said, "Let there be light…And God called the light “day”. We reject the Catholics’ change to the time the Sabbath begins, but we accept the Jews’ change. Doesn’t that make us all Mark-of-the-Beasters?


All true, Harry. But the flag has been planted on the hill of “Sabbath truth”, all endorsed by the visions of “the spirit of prophecy.”

The survival of the SDA church depends on not understanding (or even acknowledging) the facts that you presented.


It’s only embarrassing if you own too dearly the notion of belonging to the herd. God NEVER called us to belong to the herd. He calls us to discipleship and fellowship. That’s a far cry from the mythology we’ve created around our concept of “church”.

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Abandoning of the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays…has a negative impact on families and friendships ( /news/world/pope-francis-sundays-article-1.1856433).

You may not understand the purpose of the 15 May 2020 global conference that Pope Francis I called in Rome that God cancelled thru the COVID-19 pandemic. This entire article may show you what is happening (hidden in plain sight):

“…There are those who propose and work for a single global government, that is, for the elimination of individual national governments, so that all of humanity would be under the control of a single political authority,” said Burke. “For those who are convinced that the only way to achieve the common good is the concentration of all government in a single authority, loyalty to one’s homeland or patriotism has become an evil” ( pope-francis-invites-political-leaders-sign-global-paul-bois.

"Are you ready for the BIGGEST Online and In person back to church Sunday Event Ever? September 20, 2020 JOIN THE MOVEMENT NOW"

The Sunday sacredness movement is hiding in plain sight. But in this information age, the glut of media vying for our attention is making the obvious less visible.

“Sunday laws aren’t about Christianity — they’re about economics March 25, 2018”

“June 17, 2020 Bring Back the Blue Laws”

Blue laws frequently have been challenged as unconstitutional establishments of religion in violation of the First Amendment and while Supreme Court has acknowledged the overtly religious origins of blue laws in McGowan v. Maryland it upheld them as advancing the secular purpose of creating a uniform day of rest. [Last updated in May of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team]

I’m a lot more worried about QANON than the pope. And by the way, the seal of God is NOT the sabbath…check out Rev. 7:2, 14:1 and 22:4 which are the texts referencing this…it is the NAME of the Lamb and the Father. Imagine that…it’s relational, not behavioral!!


I am more concerned about apostate Protestantism and Republicanism gone amuck. When President Pence takes control, religious extremists and intolerance for human rights will prevail until Jesus comes!

All things considered, obedience to God’s command not to take the Mark of the Beast that will be linked to obedience is a fundamental tenant in Scriptures that will culminate is Sabbath observance.

It was a fake and feigned vision! She did not see the ten commandments in the ark at her first visit in 1844, but only saw a variety of fruit, shown by Jesus himself! It was only after Joseph Bates convinced her of the Bible Sabbath in the latter part of 1846, she claimed to have had another vision in which she saw the 4th commamdment with a glow around it!