Church Funds Billboard at Entrance to Republican National Convention — and More News Shorts

Trump does not bother with such conspiracy throries, he would simply throw them aside as ‘fake news’! Moreover, his son-in-law and daughter are seventh-day sabbath believers. Ellen White said that Protestants would point to the violation of the Sunday sabbath as the cause for all the woes on the world. Now we are claiming the opposite. Sunday law is a big Hoax.

I’m with you on this, for sure…something we don’t hear much since many SDA’s have historically affiliated more with the Republican party than with the Democrats. For some reason, SDA’s have difficulty understanding that religious extremism is much more common on the far right.

But while I acknowledge that commandment keeping is underscored in the book of Revelation, I still hold with the relational efficacy, rather than the behavioral. Remember that the Pharisees keep the Sabbath perfectly…and we know what Jesus said about them.

This whole concept of Adventists, real or rebel, purchasing high traffic or target traffic billboard space as a mission project is yet another form of idolatry we humans choose to participate in in an effort to soothe our guilty consciences for not doing the kind of things we really should be doing as Christ’s followers, i. e., making friends and telling our personal stories of struggle and victory, whatever form those take.

you got that right.

I ponder on Christ’s counsel to the Laodiceans in harmony with His parable of the 10 virgins. Laodicea thinks that they have everything and many of them miss the boat. And the 10 virgins are waiting for the bridegroom, but not prepared.

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