Church Member Pens Open Letter Regarding His Non-Compliance

(Mens Sana) #82

Seriously? So I shouldn’t believe the Bible, because it’s “demeaning to God”, but I should believe you and your imagination, which is, what a coincidence, in line with the Neo-Marxist ideology . Why do you want to be a member of this church?

(Mens Sana) #83

A further discussion with you is obviously useless, but where exactly did God asked us to address Him as a female?

(Red Livingstone) #84

The Bible does not demean God. Your argument that there is hierarchy that supports headship demeans God. You don’t have to believe me. Never asked you to. Why do I want to be a member of this church? I am a follower of Christ. That is my allegiance. I was baptized into Christ, not the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is not my focus. Christ Alone.

(Red Livingstone) #85

And you think God is Male? I do not believe God has gender.

(Mens Sana) #86

I don’t assume anything. The essence of Christian religion is to obey what God commanded, not to speculate about things we can’t see and comprehend. This was the tragedy of the humanity: since Eve (and Cain after that), humans imagined that it’s OK not to follow EXACTLY what God commanded, but to do what seemed to be :“logic” to them.
We cannot comprehend the nature of our Creator but we should follow HIS plan and method of education. I think that the information God revealed about Himself is sufficient for my salvation . He presented us a plan of salvation, He told us what we should do, He became human to provide an example of how we should live.

(Red Livingstone) #87


I guess your definition “speculation” depends on your understanding of “faith”?

(Frankmer7) #88

Does the fact that a male preacher speaks mean that every man can speak in the church? Of course not. And the point is…what? This shows that such an argument is a logical non-sequitur. Qualifications for speaking are not about gender, they are about gifting and calling from the Holy Spirit. There are no gender restrictions placed on such. It cannot be found in the NT.

This leads to the idea that Paul calling for woman to be silent in the churches has nothing to do with this. Women spoke in his congregations. They preached messages from God…which essentially is what prophesying means. Not much different than what a local pastor is called to do today. No matter what word gifting a woman may have possessed, some of them had a speaking, preaching, message giving role in the Pauline congregations. There simply was not an absolute rule for them to all keep silent. I would suggest you research what some biblical scholars make of that one passage, before you continue to use that as an argument against women preaching.

As far as Priscilla’s role, she helped teach Apollos, a male preacher in the early church. Another single Pauline passage says that he would not permit women to teach men in the church. There is no mention of the church being in worship service time. The church is the church when meeting all together or, as they did then, privately in each others homes. Priscilla and Aquila met in their home with Apollos. She participated in teaching him. That seems to fly in the face of what Paul said in his “prohibition” of women teaching men. Again, other meanings of that text need to be explored in light of this.

Lastly, the story of Mary and Martha is not just about Martha being resentful because she had so much work to do, while Mary was sitting dreamy eyed at the feet of Jesus. Culturally, this is all about gender roles. Jesus was accepting Mary with all the other male disciples, in the male only part of the house, an extremely radical move. And, rabbis accepted and taught disciples for one reason…so the disciples could also go and teach just like the rabbi!

Jesus said that this best part, to actively learn from him, in order to go teach in the same way, would never be taken away from Mary. The history of the church has been about trying to take this from Mary, and all women ever since. Jesus was recognizing Mary as a learner and eventual teacher of the gospel on par with all his male disciples. Equally recognized.

Have we? It’s shameful!



(Steve Mga) #89

Matthew 28:19 – “…Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”.
This is where this List is found, in THIS ORDER.
And so has been used for 20! Centuries --2000 years.
Matthew said it is Quote from Jesus.
So there is nothing Demeaning the Trinity to use them in this order.

(Jeffrey Kent) #90

I’d say you’re being disingenuous, Nymous. The simple fact is that Paul’s command for women “to remain silent in the churches” and “not allowed to speak” did not apply to other times in Scripture, and MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT APPLY TO ELLEN WHITE. Sister White spoke voluminously in church, and therefore clearly viewed Paul’s command as policy applicable only to his time. It was policy, not principle.


And, of course, Paul himself would not qualify as a bishop (husband of one wife). :grinning::grinning:


He became fully human and fully divine to become the sacrifice for our sins and to provide the gift of eternal life, something that no one can earn through behavior. He provided white robes of righteousness, His righteousness, to cover our sins.

Only He has ever lived a perfect life–as our Saviour.


Both MALE and FEMALE were/are created in God’s image. Imagine that! :smiley::smiley:


And so many surprises for so many! Can’t wait!

(Tim Teichman) #95

Sorry I don’t understand your meaning. How could my statement be either funny or tragic?

(Tim Teichman) #96

Well, women do have babies. So, not sure what you mean.

(Steve Mga) #97

The WORD for the cloud that followed the Israelites for 40 years is a FEMININE form.
The WORD for WISDOM in Proverbs is FEMININE form.
Proverbs says it was WISDOM that created the Earth as it was in the beginning.


You are so right. Why don’t we study these? I have several books on this topic. Wisdom moved across the deep. Wisdom, Sophia, the Holy Spirit.

Sophia, Wisdom, assisted with the Creation. Imagine. The mysterious, like the wind, Spirit that goes where She will. We have so much to learn about the Godhead.


Please read my answer to Frank.

(Mens Sana) #100

But not for you, of course.

(Mens Sana) #101

He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.” (Colossians 1:15)
“Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father, and we will be content.” Jesus replied, “Have I been with you for so long, and you have not known me, Philip? The person who has seen me has seen the Father!" (John 14:8-10)
So Jesus (male) is the image of God. Through all the Bible God is referenced with masculine names and pronouns. God’s image is described in male terms: Father + Son + Holy Spirit. Jesus taught us to address God as “Father”.
Imagine all that! :roll_eyes: