Church Member Pens Open Letter Regarding His Non-Compliance

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If God were invisible and Jesus says he “is the image of God,” then why was Jesus visible? If you were going to argue with concrete thinking, then you must end with concrete thinking. Unless the image was referring to another framework such as behavior and attitude of which both males and females are capable of emulating. How many fathers have told their daughters, “ You are just like me” or daughters wishing “ to be just like my dad?”

Unless egocentric and concrete thinking are preventing a higher level of interpretation, that is. Of course, someone who is into male headship cannot think of otherwise, even if he tried his best.


Of course, for me, too. Can’t wait!

(George Tichy) #104

Oh…, so Jesus did not exist until He was actually created by God? And only then He was made God as well, one with the Father. “Firsborn of all creation” leaves no room for interpretation (aka) distortion, right?

Was the Holy Spirit created as well? Bfore Jesus, or after Jesus?.. Oh, it must have been after, because Jesus was (is) the firstborn. Therefore, the HS must have been the secondborn… Impressive…

Assigning any gender to God is really a very cheap shot, actually a disrespect to the Divinity, and a sign of profound bias. No wonder some people support discrimination of a certain kind of human beings…

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He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know, George. I wouldn’t waste my time.



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George –
Paul in his writings sees Christ as the “Second Adam”. I believe if we give thought to
this that we can understand that statement – “Christ is the firstborn of all [EARTH]
creation” because Christ brings HUMANITY back into the PRE-Fall relationship with
the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. [Christ – or Jesus in his earthly form – takes
the place of Adam as Head of the Human Race.]

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Thanks for rescuing that guy Steve… :wink:


I have been informed that actually this is the belief of the Jehovah Witness. John 1:1 in their Bible reads ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was (a) God’ They believe Jesus was created by God.

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Check out this little non-compliant catholic. Watch until the end to see how the Pope deals with it, which is wonderful. I wonder how Ted would have reacted?

(Melissa Kristine Walden) #118

So relieved to find varying expressive views of this “open comfort box” issue!!
There is still the open mind and open spirit of wisdom flowing…
Praise God! He is still working on His CHURCH!

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I give you an A + …

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