Civil Disobedience against San Antonio?

(Frank Karth) #23

“My view is that we should all give a little in other (order) to gain much”

Bibles verses please on that one.


Yes, I, too read that book as a young teen.

Do you know a female pastor?

(Kim Green) #27

“The attempt to equate the demand for WO, with the struggle for equality by Blacks is to trivialize true civil rights, and is an insult to Blacks everywhere.”

Obviously not, since I highly doubt that you have taken a poll on the topic. Besides, I am fairly certain that you are not Black (since all these years you have not claimed such) and I doubt that you have any Black family members as well. You don’t have the right to determine what is an “insult to Blacks everywhere”.

You also cannot speak from a female perspective and determine for all of us females that WO is NOT a “struggle for equality”. It is you who are “trivializing” the whole issue which is also demeaning to those of us who just happen to see it as a moral issue.

(George Tichy) #28

I remain petrified seeing how much effort and maneuvering is being done to support/defend/promote DISCRIMINATION OF WOMEN by a Denomination that says to be Christian.
Just what happened at the AC on Monday is an immense, irreparable embarrassment to the name ADVENTIST.
However 184 did not bow to Baal, and I applaud them for that. They deserve the credit, recognition and the commendation from all those who support the elimination of discrimination of women from our midst!

Good job 184s!!!

(Tom King) #29

The SDA church is a fellowship of believers, not a political party or a government. When I speak of civil disobedience, I’m talking about a simple refusal to be cowed. The GC president is not the pope but the servant to all and his pronouncements are not considered to have any similar authority. Churches are local. If we focus our attention there, then we can be beyond the political squabbles. They do take place however and there’s some precedent for not taking GC pronouncements as gospel. At one point, Sr. Ellen made the statement that she no longer considered the General Conference to be God’s voice on Earth and counseled that it avoid attempts to exercise “kingly power”.

Why do you think the GC suddenly got her an invite to go to Australia? She’d been a thorn in Butler’s side since the GC squashed the righteousness by faith message in 1888. Then when she got back she helped lead the 1903 General Conference meeting’s successful attempt to decentralize power to the Union Conferences. That to me was the kind of civil disobedience I was talking about.

(George Tichy) #30

Any GC’s attempt to do away with thew Unions would certainly be a clear push to eliminate the Unions’ power and to centralize it again. Which this administration appears to be willing to do IF they could.

The Unions have been a thorn in their … butter…, a true impediment to exert full “authority” and making it difficult for them to “govern” (in this case, aka acting dictatorially). It’s time to get rid of the whole group by voting correctly in 2020*.

*By referring to “voting” I am not referring to the world delegates. I am talking about that little group that actually “elects” the President. They are the ones who are dropping the ball. They choose the President, then his name is presented in the plenary for sometimes 90 seconds like in 2010, and the “vote” just happen.

What kind of election is that if there is always only ONE candidate. It looks like a true … “Putineske Maneuver” … :innocent:

(Elmer Cupino) #31

In its truest form, it is not an election. It is a seduction to term it as “election” in the same category as when the serpent offered the apple to Eve and said “You will not die.”

(George Tichy) #32

I honestly think that this issue has to be addressed. How come this “choosing process” is still in place? In our days people have the right to have proper procedures even in Churches.

Can anyone please explain why the so-called election of the GC Prez actually occurs way before it is taken to the world delegates?

I wish those working at the GC who read Spectrum had the guts to comment on this. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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