Climate, Catastrophe, and Faith: How Changes in Climate Drive Religious Upheaval — Book Review

What do the 530s, 1790s, and 1840s all have in common? For Adventists who affirm the historicist approach to Bible prophecy, they will readily recognize these decades as connected to important prophetic dates (i.e. 538, 1798, 1844). In fact, William Miller makes a cameo appearance in this monograph (167-168). Historian Philip Jenkins observes how these were also times of significant climate disruption. The 530s contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire, and the 1790s and 1840s were both periods of time toward the end of the Little Ice Age that lasted from roughly the late 13th century up through the mid-19th century (61).

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Most interesting. Climate change has modified human migration, speech patterns, etc, which science has known for some time. A good topic to bring up especially for those who have difficulty in accepting science.

This seems to have a typo. fame -> frame?

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