Coffin takes on the FL conference

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By Alexander Carpenter


Go read Pastor Jim Coffin's brilliant essay over on the Spectrum web site. Here's a couple of salient quotes just so you know what you're in for.

. . .the Florida Conference administration recently announced that it’s now a condition of employment for pastors, teachers, departmental directors, and other designated personnel to send their K-12 children to Adventist schools. (In so doing, the Florida Conference is following the practice of numerous other conferences throughout North America, administrators say.) Exceptions will be granted only if the conference administration concurs. . .

The new ruling seems to imply that (a) the commitment of the employees is suspect, or that (b) the judgment of the employees is suspect, or that (c) the stated goal of Adventist education is suspect, or (d) all of the above. Whatever the rationale, however, employees won’t be allowed to decide for themselves what’s best for their own children. Not and stay employed, at least.

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