College in the Rearview Mirror

What will you, dear college student, remember four decades after you march up to the stage and receive your diploma placeholder? What, in the world of 2062 or 2063, will you retain from your time in college? I can’t tell you, but I can perhaps anticipate your experience by telling you a little bit about what I remember from my years at Pacific Union College, graduating in 1982.

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Thanks, Scott. I, too, have a deep appreciation for what many of my college teachers said and wish I could remember more from some of them. I was inspired by them and, in some ways, followed in their footsteps, standing on their shoulders, I hope.

We don’t remember days, we remember moments/experiences. And those experiences are tied to people. We can’t remember one without the other.

College was a place and time to learn. And learn we did…life, love, spirituality. Thank you Steve for bringing those memories to the fore.


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