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There is an intellectual vibrancy on a college campus that is found nowhere else. The concentration of young, talented, and passionate individuals creates an environment conducive to innovation and progress. Spectrum and Adventist Forums were born out of this sort of environment. And it is out of that same concentrated creativity that this blog is born. Here, we, a group of Adventist undergraduate students, will share our thoughts on subjects that matter to our communities, whether that be our church or our school, our nation or our world.

We will be blogging periodically on general topics that have caught our attention. These posts will be informal, allowing you to join us in discussion and commentary. As Spectrum correspondents at each of our respective campuses, we will also be reporting on newsworthy events in our area. This will also include publishing notable writing by other students. Our goal is to provide a forum through which Adventist college students, across campuses, can interact and collaborate and where anyone interested can find our collected thoughts and opinions, giving them a picture of contemporary collegiate Adventism.

This blog is here to reassert that Spectrum is a community of all ages. And we ask you, especially those older and wiser than ourselves, to challenge us through your comments, questions, and critiques. As for us, we'll try our best to live up to Spectrum's commitment to intellectual honesty, thorough debate, and moving our church forward. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to the discussions ahead.

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