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Whew! Finally. The. Semester. Is. Over.


Research papers.

M. A. thesis.

Doctoral apps.


A short film.

Holiday parties.

All done. Now I am going to go get this holiday shopping done, sit down to good meals with relatives and settle by the fireplace with Cormac McCarthy's The Road and Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

Props to the folks holding forth on the Florida conference policy on who gets to teach a pastor's children and the wider issues of Adventist education. Also, origins is always a hot issue with Adventists due, in part, to the common understanding that each Adventist doctrine is linked and equally authoritative. On this, I'd like to point your attention to Emyth's comment on how Comp. Lit and Literary Criticism shift the debate between literal readings of scripture and the scientific method. The reason that it is essential to understand how texts and interpretations function is because hermeneutics helps to move the conversation from one of fear over losing belief to one of understanding how truth emerges within communities. If you've read the excerpt from Bull and Lockhart's 2nd. edition of Seeking a Sanctuary: Seventh-day Adventism and the American Dream in the current Spectrum, you'll see that they get this emerging critical tool for Adventist understandings of our history, our hermeneutical methods and our mission. As more and more Adventists come to see our shared beliefs, not as testing truths that conform to metaphysical reality, but rather as community-formed habits for action, the binary collapses between those who trust more in literal science or scripture and instead grows beyond into a fearless engagement with doctrine not as explanation for phenomena, but as shared ethos. We move from proof texts to ethics, we shift from prophecy for proof to prophetic politics. Thus, we don't need a literal creation to prove the Sabbath, we keep the Sabbath to understand what being created means - as a community and as an individual.

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