Commentary: What Seventh-day Adventists Face in Burundi

The following is a commentary on recent and concerning events in the African country of Burundi. For additional details and context to this developing story, we encourage you to also read a previously posted article available at this link. — Adventist News Network Editors

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Appears to be another CYA article, this time by ANN.
Does not tell us the ACTUAL happenings in Burundi.

I hope this statement DOES NOT appear in Liberty Magazine.

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Yeah. What’s the real story and where can we find it?


According to ANN - all detainees have been released.

I wish I could hear from the voice of the church leader that refuses to leave his office. He must have his reasons, but sadly they are not presented in this SDA news release. I wonder what the local members have to say about this situation? This article appears to be one-sided–only from the top leadership position.

I’ll just leave that right there

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