Community at Christmas

Christmas was big in my house when we were little, but as we grew older, the Christmas tree went away, then even the presents went away. Our parents bought us some things, and maybe a relative or two visited, but Christmas really faded from our home as a big event. But there was one tradition that stayed and continues in my parents’ house to this day. Every year, at some point during the holiday season, we would sit down and watch the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. My favorite part of this experience as an adolescent was watching my father’s amazement at some section of the movie that he would swear he hadn’t seen before, even though we had the movie on videotape. This is a tradition that I continue to this day. At some point during the holiday season, I will sit down and watch this movie again.[1]

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Lovely, Jason; a reminder that just “being” means we make a difference, and that the most important differences we make will be unknown to us, including those that may have saved or changed lives. Blessings to you and yours as you watch it again.


Watched it on Dec 26th with a friend who had never seen it. As usual I was a blubbering wreck at the end. My friend was impressed. A magnificent film.

Should be shown in all churches every Christmas….

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