Compelling Christianity (Part 1)

All texts are taken from the New International Version of the Bible unless otherwise stated.

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How timely, critical, intellectual and spiritual!
The spirit of the Lord is upon the authors to move us toward love, prayer and change.

I listened to a few of James Baldwin’s speeches on Sunday morning, and he said so much that Christianity should have said. Sunday observing Christians should not be more concerned, more vocal, more intentional than Saturday observing Christians. Silence is not eloquence for the Seventh Day Adventist denomination regarding race relations.

Thank you. I have seen how anger and bitterness against some wrong can ruin a person’s life. I have suffered racial abuse in my life. I have resolved that anger and bitterness enslaves me. Besides, forgive them for they do not know what they do applies. Surely a person who believes that his skin makes him superior to me must be sick somehow, at least i think so!

I accepted a Black Roman Catholic in my graduate program at Loma Linds. for his research project he wanted to document the pattern of malocclusion of the Lower incisors. We needed to find a population of teen agers to test. We were invited to test the population of a Adventist boarding academy with beach front property in Northern California. We drove together, roomed together. While students were in class I suggested we look for rural real estate in the area. we canvassed at least five real estate offices. each said they had no such offering.In the car I commented that it seemed strange. He laughed and said you should try without me.

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