Confounding Conundrums: A Response to Mark Finley’s ‘Mystical Myths’ Article


But the Church never came out and stated where the dateline should be and what the Biblical basis for it being there is. That is what they can never do, for obvious reasons.


There was actually a lot of discussion and we have significant written documentation on this as they were very concerned about this at the time.

I would suggest a google search would be in order as much of this is available on-line

(George Tichy) #63

Well, guess what? My parakeets speak English for good!.. And, as you have seen before, they provide reliable info!.. LOL

(Tim Teichman) #64

The location of the date line doesn’t change the fact that some Adventists decided that Sunday is better than Saturday for worship, is their correct Sabbath, and Ted approved their decision.

(Sirje) #65

This just proves that the Sabbath, as meant in the OT, was never meant to be kept all over the world. The only place the sundown-to-sundown works is in one specific place - in this case Israel. The world was flat when those rules were made.


Are you seriously claiming the SDA Church officially thinks that the location and shape of the International Dateline has ANY biblical basis? Please provide some links…

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If they do start “speaking in Tongues”…put those “Keets” on tour! There’s no reason why retirement can’t be lucrative! :money_mouth_face:

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From your lips…to God’s ears.

(Steve Mga) #69

Before the DateLine was changed the Seventh day Adventists were worshiping
every 7 days.
When the DateLine was changed the Seventh day Adventists CONTINUED
to count 7 days from the LAST TIME they met. It fell on a NOW Saturday that
became Sunday. So they CONTINED their EVERY 7 DAY TRADITION.
Saturday BECAME NAMED Sunday. They DID NOT change their 7th day
So “Sunday” IS the Correct day to worship!!
If we want to be HONEST – it is the OTHER Christians who are worshiping on Sabbath.

(Cfowler) #70

If we want to be honest, everyone is going to church every 7th day. The Sabbath (as was calculated by Israel) is determined by the moon. :wink:


After reviewing my comments I do not see a claim or implied claim of that. Please review the comment again.


Well reasoned analysis, Pastor Harmdiecks.


Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich! When Spectrum died…Her Epitaph reads: TW a belated advertisement for line of goods that has been discontinued. Ted Wilson is a long winded belated advertisement. TW goods and Services tariffs from SDA…The GC coffers not shared. Religion keeps us the ragged poor, Fact # 8, that we are long winded magnanimous fools had crowned TW an infinite one KING, long live the President, whatever, a long winded fated shackled in TW’s rubbish called. The Republic of Seventh-day Adventists…

(Kim Green) #74

The “Republic” may soon be splintered.

(Tim Teichman) #75

No. IMO they stay away from the topic completely as they don’t want to take a position that would then force a set of questions and force another position and so on. Pandora’s box.


How sad when that happened…a splintered church. The president from the Republic and the President from the splintered church. Should the same men like the same book at 10 and at 70? However, imagine how those men were two little boys opened the big and old family Bible with fascination, Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible, and both picked it up. It was an old leaf from a tree that had been pressed in between the pages. With astonishment in the two young boys’ voice, “It’s Adam’s suit!”

Little young boys the untried enemies. Their little boys’ young friendships who knew all about them and just loved them the same…seasoned little moments deep and simple with LAUGHTER!

It’s the hubris Presidential men shallow and complex parsonage pandemonium and ministerial mayhem confounding conundrums.

(John Hughes) #77

Certainly. That is already the factual case in some areas of the Pacific.

(Dawn kleinhuizen) #78

Could you provide where you found this info? Ery interesting!

(Tim Teichman) #79

Sure, if I can. There were several things in the post. What are you asking about?

(Dawn kleinhuizen) #80

existed in bible times and the Israelites and Jews of Jesus day used a lunar calendar and worked out the sabbath in a completely different way, where the sabbath restarted each month on the first day of the month, on the first day of each lunar cycle, the new moon. In bible times, the sabbath was defined as falling on the new moon day, then every 7 days until the month restarted.

Since the lunar month is a little more than 29 1/2 days long, their calendar of months consisting of full days had months either 29 or 30 days long. And since the first day of each lunar month was a sabbath (indeed a high sabbath) there was no sabbath that could fit on a Roman calendar with weeks and land on the same day of the week each month, and it didn’t until the 4th century when the Jews changed how they calculated the sabbath under decree from
This the information I had not heard before and woukd like th source. Thank You!