Conversation Upgrade!

Spectrum Conversation has become so popular, bringing in a significant amount of traffic, that we already need to upgrade our servers. You may have already encountered moments when you haven't been able to post, or that the page loads blank, or that you don't see the comment below an article. To address this, we're going to take the site down a few times this week to upgrade our servers and eventually migrate to a more managed and long-term hosting solution. That's for your patience on this!

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there really are a lot of people commenting now…that’s great…

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OMG, not another overhaul!! I like this new system better than the old one, but I haven’t learned everything yet and now you want to change it yet again. This old dog can only learn so many new tricks at one time. Oh well, you are going to do what you are going to do, so I have no alternative but to just sit back and wait till it’s done. I probably need a vacation from all this for awhile anyway. My wife gets peeved at times that I am on the computer so much. do you folks have any trainers manual that goes with this so a person can find there way around this system without using trial and error? this Error 500 think is a real pain. IOf that is what you are going to fix, I say GREAT! Cheers:)


Just “google” any questions. You’ll be surprised that most answers to “anything” are available through the net and questions can be answered satisfactorily without spending 1 more cent of your valuable $.


@bigtomwoodcutter, sorry if my post wasn’t clear enough. We’re not changing systems. All we’re doing is changing the underlying computer powering the software so that our users will no longer encounter the 500 error. You may not even notice the change. :smile:


It would also be good if they can fix the private message error: “Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 403 Forbidden”

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That’s just “Big Brother” keeping tabs on us. All those attempts at
private messages probably end up in that big computer in Belgium that
will eventually take over the world.


I would hope that along with upgrading your servers so as to be able to handle more traffic, that you would also consider some tweaking of the Conversation parameters itself. Allowing an unlimited number of “likes” could hardly add any significant load to your servers, and it would remove a great impediment to those who can’t keep up with reading everything every day, but who would like to express themselves as they read through a day’s backlog of comments.

It would also be a VERY great help in smoothing conversation and probably in cutting down the amount of comments that really don’t say much helpful at all if you would find a way to get the system to offer us the option of being able to express our DISlike for comments when we have real disagreements with the content but do not want to enter into a negative dialogue with the writer.

Thanks much for your hard work in providing and maintaining this Conversation place for all to read and participate in.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We’re always looking for ways to improve our commenting platform, and in addition to migrating to a more robust server, we’re taking into consideration suggestions like yours. That isn’t to say that we will necessarily adopt all of the suggestions we receive (though we certainly may adopt some!), but we want to continue to be responsive to the things that regular participants in Spectrum Conversations suggest.

Thanks again!

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I believe the [real] big computer to which you refer is based in Guangzhou, China.
Be very afraid?

Yes, Google, has made things so much easier for me. I especially like it when I find such things as this… :smile:


Thanks for all your hard work and that of others who make this blog workable.
In The Grip of Truth


We’re finally sharing the same boat. It is truly a day of Thanksgiving.

@GeorgeTichy @ageis7 @hopeful

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Tom, learning is a continuous, evolving, and never ending process. Get ready to learn more!!! :smile:

I don’t believe it will actually change anything, just fix the lovely “ERROR 500” message. And, may be, we will be able to send those private messages…

I hope we will notice the change… :slight_smile:
Actually, Viva, Viva, I have been able to post more than 5 posts without getting the ERROR 500 message. I am almost missing it now… :slight_smile:

I noticed early on a message saying that the system has been upgraded. It sounds very good! Thanks for your action and dedication to this site. Admirable!!!



The Church has been much more successful in building pharisees than any of those cheap softwares… And still doing a great job!!! :slight_smile:


WOW! Some 20 posts with no error message. (I am almost missing it now…)

Isn’t there a way to set up the system so that the “error 500” message will pop up only when an anti-WO comments are uploaded? :slight_smile:

(Donate $500 & we’ll look into it. :slight_smile: - website editor)


George, we have more pressing issues at hand then Mr Potato Head. I’ve decided your campaigning must start in the south. So I’ve given this beta poster a little southern flavor.


@GeorgeTichy Once where done campaigning in the South, we’ll hit the West. Yep! You got it. Liberal California.
I’m going to summon your crew, for some feed back…
@elmer_cupino @rohantocharles @hopeful @vandieman @ageis7 @niteguy2 @Bille


Now we can feel the campaign gaining momentum! Excellent PR work Tony. It’ll be a landslide.