Coping With An Empty Nest

It was early September and my wife and I were dropping our daughter off at Shenandoah Valley Academy in Virginia to start her senior year. As we reluctantly began our thirteen-hour journey home, I took a parting glance back and saw her blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders as she climbed the front steps of the girl’s dorm.

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Thank you for such an excellent writing from a father’s experience. I am reflecting my own experience of my two children as I read your words and sharing your emotions so well. I felt relieved when my children spoke of their growing experiences and would feel more trust in God as He continued to walk with them during the adulthood growth. Eventually the return home visits and saying good-bye each time became easier. Wisconsin Academy was great for them and Andrews University was wonderful for them at that time. Unfortunately they will likely not have this same experience as parents mostly because of the changes in our world have become so corrupt and evil. Even if they were to have children of their own they would face dilemma’s we never did, such as choosing a university since Andrews University has become far too liberal since their graduation.

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