Coronavirus Impact on World Divisions

Over the past weeks, as a new Coronavirus surged across the planet, churches have been grappling with how to respond. The very nature of religious institutions—how they connect people and are often centered around large gatherings—looms with heavy responsibility. In South Korea, over half of the country’s early COVID-19 cases were traced to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, where a woman attended services while already feeling ill, likely starting a deadly cluster of infections and even leading prosecutors to look into bringing charges of gross negligence against the church’s leader, the BBC reported.

Across the globe, the 13 World Divisions of the Adventist Church have been grappling with how best to serve their constituents and communities. Rapid developments, combined with how most Divisions operate across multiple borders, make for complicated situations. Here are updates from around the world, with some of the information that Division offices have shared publicly.

East-Central Africa Division

So far, the East-Central Africa Division has not released any statements on their website or social media about how the Coronavirus is affecting their operations. On March 18, the Division’s Twitter account did share a tweet from Hope Channel Kenya, saying that an evangelistic campaign at the Newlife SDA Church was canceled. According to church statistics, the Division has 2.5 million church members, including over 1 million in Kenya alone.

As of the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, six out of the East-Central Africa Division’s 11 countries have seen confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. So far, the virus hasn’t hit Africa as hard as other parts of the world—some health experts propose that warmer temperatures and higher humidity may slow its spread, though this remains a matter of contention. Many experts worry that the virus could soon have a severe impact across the African continent.

“I don’t believe, if we have a large influx of people with the virus, we can cope,” Dr. Oyewale Tomori, a professor of virology and former president of the Nigerian Academy of Science, told the New York Times on Tuesday.

Euro-Asia Division

On their website and social media, the Division shared a Russian translation of a message from General Conference President Ted Wilson and Dr. Peter Landless, the director of Adventist Health Ministries for the General Conference. On March 18, the Division shared a video message from Secretary Viktor V. Alyeksyeyenko. Church workers and members should support one another during difficult times, Alyeksyeyenko said, and follow the recommendations of government officials.

Based in Moscow, Russia, Euro-Asia has a membership of 107,252, according to the Adventist Yearbook. The Division’s territory also includes much of Eastern Europe. A large portion of the Division’s members are in Russia, which has only recently reported its first death from COVID-19. The country was aggressive in restricting travel early in the crisis, but according to medical professionals contacted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, actual cases are likely much higher than what the government has reported.

Inter-American Division

On March 16, in a detailed press release, Inter-America announced they had banned travel for their workers over the next 30 days, and were canceling major events throughout the territory. Although the Division encompasses countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, it's headquartered in Miami, Florida.

“Safety is of utmost importance for the church in Inter-America as well as the world church during this situation,” Elie Henry, Division president, said. The Division held a video conference to speak with leaders throughout its 24 unions. “If the local government makes a decision, we must follow it. If you are ordered to be quarantined for two weeks, then you must obey,” Henry told church leaders, also reminding them to practice careful hygiene and social distancing.

Staff from the Division’s Miami office will work remotely until at least the end of March. Inter-America’s Mid-Year Executive Meetings and Pre-meetings, originally scheduled for early May, will be held through the video-conferencing system set up with all 24 unions, Henry said.

Inter-European Division

One of the current epicenters for COVID-19, northern Italy, is located in the Division, and on February 26 a press release gave an update.

“As the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID–19) is starting to grow in Inter-European Region—especially in North Italy the last days—we can see that governments can be very quick in taking drastic measures like locking down territories, closing schools and other institutions,” said Valérie Dufour, of the Division’s Health Ministries department. “Also contrary to some information that may circulate, at this day nobody knows how the epidemic will develop and when it will come to an end.”

The Health Ministries department also created a webpage with key health information and links to government resources. On March 12, the Division announced all events and meetings were suspended through the end of April.

On March 17, administration decided to close the headquarters in Switzerland and move to working remotely for at least two weeks. “Considering that this extraordinary working arrangement in the current general situation unavoidably generates stress, a small team has been put into place who will help to keep the bonds as a team and to alleviate the effects of isolation,” the Division announced. “This group seeks to offer to their colleagues moral support, a laugh, or simply a moment to talk, or to pray together.”

“After we have done our best to follow all the instructions on how to proceed regarding this kind of disease, let us lift our eyes to God and put our confidence in Him,” Division President Mario Brito said in a message to constituents on March 19.

North American Division

As the pandemic crisis escalated in the United States, North America issued a statement on March 13 giving guidance across its territory. The Division ordered all staff to cease work related travel until June 24 and canceled all Division-sponsored events during the same time frame, including the Sonscreen Film Festival and Pathfinder Bible Experience.

“We are supporting our unions and local conferences in suggesting that churches and schools strongly reconsider the need to meet over the next two weeks,” the statement read. “If churches have live-streaming capabilities, those options should be utilized to provide virtual church services for their members.”

Along with sharing information from the WHO and CDC, the Division shared an information page from Adventist Risk Management addressing the crisis. On March 16, the Division announced it was moving its Maryland operations to a “virtual office” with all employees required to work from home. At the end of the month, leadership would reevaluate the situation.

“NAD leadership is urging all union and conference leaders in the Division to carefully consider advisements given by their state and local governments regarding the safety of their communities,” the latest statement said. “Everyone plays an important role in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19.”

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

As it includes both South Korea and China, the Division has been in the center of the crisis since the start. Although the overall population is the largest of any Division’s area, membership is comparatively small in the predominantly non-Christian regions. Headquartered in South Korea, the Division has so far republished information from the General Conference but not provided any other specific information about its operations.

On February 11, Andrew McChesney of Adventist Mission reported that the first Adventist church member had died from COVID-19 in China. At that time, Robert Folkenberg Jr., president of the Adventist Church’s Chinese Union Mission, said that there were other church members known to be fighting the disease.

South American Division

Since January, the Division has been sharing updates with information from the government health authorities. Its offices are in Brazil, which has the largest number of Adventist church members of any country.

On March 12, the Division recommended that each region evaluate whether to suspend in-person church services, and if services were canceled, support home-group work. Classes at educational institutions should only be suspended at the direction of local governments, the recommendations said.

The following day, several large events were cancelled, with the Division announcing a World Adventist Youth Day event would transition to an online program. As part of the now online event, Adventist youth were invited to participate in challenges to benefit the community during the crisis. The first challenge would be offering to help neighbors who were in isolation with their shopping.

South Pacific Division

South Pacific includes Australia, Papua New Guinea, and many of the surrounding island nations. On March 8, Division president Glenn Townend addressed the outbreak in a brief post on his Facebook page, which was then shared the next day by the Division’s Adventist Record publication. Townend urged church members to focus on prayer, Christian compassion, and good hygiene.

Also, on March 9, David McClintock, education director of the South Pacific Division, gave an update in the Adventist Record. "We are following the advice of the local education and health authorities—we want to be proactive without being alarmist,” he said. Schools would emphasize hygiene and review or cancel overseas travel.

On March 10, church leaders in North New South Wales and Western Australia decided to cancel upcoming camp meetings. “We know that camp meetings are a time for our church members to come together for fellowship and spiritual growth, and we know there will be many people disappointed to hear they have been cancelled,” said Jorge Munoz, president of the Australian Union. “But as a Church, we believe the physical health and wellbeing of our members is very important.” Soon thereafter, the Victorian and South Australian Conferences followed suit.

The South Pacific Division announced that preachers would not travel to Papua New Guinea for a large evangelistic campaign in the first half of May. The future of the campaign itself would be up to local church leaders, who should follow the guidance of their government, the Division said.

March 17 brought the strongest action yet, when officers of the Australian Union and its conferences decided to recommend a suspension of in persons services for all Australian churches through the rest of March and all of April. It was an “unprecedented measure” for the Australian Church. However, following guidelines of the Australian government, Adventist schools would stay open for the time being.

Southern-Africa & Indian Ocean Division

Like other parts of Africa, COVID-19 cases in the Division have lagged behind some world regions, but large concerns loom for the near future. South Africa, where the Division is headquartered, so far has seen by far the most cases on the African continent.

On March 6, Division President Solomon Maphosa presented a video statement on Facebook addressing the Coronavirus. “The prophecies of the word of God are fast fulfilling around us,” he said. “We just were attacked by the HIV and AIDS not too long ago, and now when we thought we had it under control here comes this Coronavirus. I thought it would be contained in China, but just a little while ago I heard that it’s even very close to us … It is time for us to go on our knees.”

“It’s a global problem now,” Maphosa said.

So far, the Division has yet to share how churches on the ground are affected.

Southern Asia Division

The Division encompasses India and many of its bordering countries but has a limited web and social media presence—no recent updates or news releases are readily accessible.

On March 19, Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policy, which operates in India, told the BBC that although the epidemic was several weeks behind some other countries, “India must prepare for a tsunami of coronavirus cases.”

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Following orders from the Philippine government where the Division is based, on March 16, leadership announced that staff would work from home for the coming two weeks. Travel for employees would also be halted until at least the middle of April. “All residents/employees who enter [the Division] campus should subject themselves to thermal temperature reading by the guards,” Human Resource Director Kevin Costello said.

Earlier, on March 11, the Division issued general guidelines for its territory, based on WHO recommendations. On March 19, it gave a health advisory with recommendations for disease prevention, diet, and exercise during the crisis. Beyond the Philippines, the Division’s territory includes populous countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

Trans-European Division

The first public information shared to the Division’s 22 countries across northern and eastern Europe came on February 26, with advice from the General Conference Health Department. At that point, the Division was not canceling any programming.

On March 12, the Division announced all events would be canceled until the end of June. Already by then, church services in some of the Division’s countries had been suspended by local governments. In the United Kingdom, Trans-European staff worked to utilize technology to work from home, as recommended by the British government, holding their regular staff worship by video link.

Victor Hulbert, communication director for the Division, hosted a video titled “Coronavirus: Words of Hope” with three other staff, who each filmed on their smartphones from home. “We are still committed to doing our jobs, and I’m seeing that commitment right across our Division in the very many countries that are under some kind of lockdown, Hulbert said. "In places where churches are closed, where we can’t be together, we are still committed to doing our job.”

“I want to thank those of you that have transformed your worship service from a physical presence to online,” Raafat Kamal, president of the Division, said in the video.

West-Central Africa Division

According to a March 19 press release, Division leadership the previous week implemented travel restrictions for employees and recalled those who were away. The Division also suspended all large gatherings in its territory, indefinitely. On March 18, the Division’s home country of Côte d'Ivoire prohibited gatherings of 50 or more people for the coming two weeks. For that same time frame, the Division will close its offices and have employees work from home.

“The Administration of the Division is urging the administration of the various Unions, Conferences, Missions, and Institutions to see to it that at all levels, local governmental recommendations to prevent the spread of virus be enforced by the leadership and followed by members,” the press release said. The Division also shared detailed instructions for constituents and employees across its 22 countries. Local church leaders should “appoint someone that will be responsible to coordinate all the hygienic measures” and regularly share updates with members.

Several countries in the West-Central Africa Division were at the center of the Ebola epidemic in 2014-16, with church organizations and hospitals heavily involved in the mitigation efforts.

Alex Aamodt is the Roy Branson Investigative Reporter for Spectrum.

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Inter-America. Friends have received reports that Haiti has been
hit hard by the Virus.
We sponsor a grade school of 250 students 25 miles southwest of
Port-au-Prince the past 22 years. So have an interest in happenings
[They are all community kids – the SDA church has its own church
school – some walk 3 hours there, 3 hours home. many come without
having eaten any breakfast. So we feed them a hot lunch every day.
After the earthquake we had to provide a new facility as the concrete
building was damaged. It is similar in construction with “one-day church or
one-day school” buildings. But had to be quite large. We now have solar
panels on the roof for electricity to the lights and electricity to operate the
computers they learn to use. We also pay the salaries of the teachers of
the various grades.
Most of the Adults in the area do not read and write. An interesting effect
has been the kids go home and teach their parents what they learn. So
our school has increased literacy in the area for all age groups.


Steve I was curious as to why Italy was third only to China and South Korea during this C-19 epidemic. One report said that it was because Italy has such a old population. That certainly is a factor. That doesn’t address the entire picture of the demographics, at least for me.

There might be other considerations and I am not saying that these are more important factors but it seems to me that these factors need to be considered as well.

  1. In 2015 Italy along with others in the EU became open boarders.
  2. The vast majority of the cases and deaths have taken place specifically in the wealthy northern boarder area.
  3. The wealthy in the north have encouraged labor (servants) from China because they work harder and cheaper than Italians that are native.
  4. Health care provides universal coverage to all citizens and residence.

I am not saying any of these four represent the reason for so many cases and deaths, however, during a world wide epidemic all factors should be considered.


I had heard that a number of people in Italy had recently returned from a trip to China. I don’t know how much that affected the spread of the disease, but I’m sure it influenced it. Plus, I believe Italy was slow to realize the seriousness of the situation until too late. Of course, that “might” have occurred in other countries. Not naming any names, of course.


My point Alice, and you added several other items, is that all possible items need to be considered. But nooooo can’t do that. Let’s just find someone to blame.

Alice, C. –
There was a good discussion on the radio today about Italy.
As you may know there were Chinese workers from the area
of the Virus outbreak. These workers were employed in that
area of Italy, but had opportunity to go back and forth to home.
At one time the Chinese were isolated from the Italians in the
area. But the Mayor thought this “segregation” was wrong.
So he had a “Hug a Chinese Day”. A huge celebration with the
Italians in town along with the Chinese workers. They were
given much encouragement to “give hugs” to those Chinese
persons during the festival.
And that is the story told of why the virus is so devastating to
that area of Italy.

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Well well well.
Maybe it has something to do with the way with Italians account for death which for instance is the exact opposite of Germany. If you die with corona, you will be counted in the C-19 death toll irrespective of your underlying condition, be it cancer, asthma, COPD etc… In Germany, doctors choose to write the underlying health issue on your death certificate and COV-19 only when there is no other possibility.

The second interesting factor is that the dying in Italy are overwhelmingly men, long term smokers, even when they are of young age.

The third factor is pollution. Small particles pollution has also a part to play, each time there was a spike in small particles pollution, there was a spike in the death toll.
Interestingly Italy was the first country to close it’s borders with China. January 31 effective immediately.

Then you add the behavioural factor :
Italians were not compliant -for the main part- at the beginning. Nobody exactly understood what was happening. They kept the same lifestyle and fought the government with hashtags like " Milano will stay opened". Opposing social distancing rules. Everybody thought it was just another flu.
People eat out, meet out, have their morning coffee out. The culture shift was huge difficult and painful.

There is also the work culture. Just taking two pills and going to work anyway when you feel ill. Obviously this is not the way to go in this instance.

Then there is movement of populations : When the lockdown was given it slipped into the press, and thousands left the area to go to their secondary houses spreading COV-19 all the way to Sicily.

PPE was not used at the beginning. So many people are super spreaders and yet asymptomatic.

Those are the facts we all know this side of the pond.

It not about pointing fingers : at the same time people were still flocking to Italian ski resorts from all over Europe. When the lockdown was announced in Paris 17% of the population flocked (yet again) to their secondary houses, they will be clogging provincial hospitals who cannot cope with flow.

The Mayor of Florence made a tweet about hugging a chinese. A tweet. Not a party, not a Chinese new Year celebration. A tweet. That was it. February 1rst. He was addressing hate against chinese living in Italy.
Yes, some people took a picture with their “chinese looking” neighbours, and posted them in response. That is the crime. Delit de facies.
The first cases were not even in Florence. Florence was not even in the lockdown zone. People died in care homes and in hospitals in Bergamo and around Milano. Who knew ? Who cared ? Not even our national news. The severity of the situation appeared at the very end of February.

We know now. Be prepared :
We should all stop taking pictures with random neighbours who do not look like us, We all know taking pictures and tweeting triggers COV-19.
Actually we should stop seeing our neighbours. Most of us are on lockdown.

On a more serious note, stop pointing fingers and do not forget to wash them regularly, six steps style. 谢谢


Pray for the health care providers who are in the front lines. I pray for them, my colleagues, then don on my gown and make my hospital rounds and hope for a brighter future.

This too will pass…


90% of Italian victims had at least 3 co-morbid conditions (age, smoking, and smoking related diseases such as the triad of emphysema, asthma, copd) Italian tobacco consumption rates have remained high. Likely a genetic component as well.

In unrelated (to your post) is a question re: China.

China essentially counterfeited our own Typhoid Mary, towit releasing 5 million Wuhanites without medical clearance early in the progress of epidemic. These folks went worldwide, ergo, pandemic. Now I read China is gratuitously sending doctors and treatment/eqpt to italy.
It’s too bad they put the hearse before the cart, but if China is already in the clear with this epidemic, why are we still being scared into pandemopanic mode? Perhaps we need to install “valium salt licks” across America-or quarantine the media?:smile:

From a worldwide perspective, one must wonder what if any censure China will face worldwide for it’s role in the sequelae by its denials, destruction of research, prevention of western investigators (and medical aid) and its reported killing of some 8 key whistleblower md’s. Another question-the Yellow Fever misnamed “Spanish” was probably of Chinese origin-as were the next 8 (of 9 severe worldwide epidemic, excepting smallpox) likely originated there. No doubt Chinese medicine is aware of its epidemic history, which makes their actions even more severe.


Elmer, it must be extremely difficult for the healthcare crew to leave their homes every day and go to work. It will cause many deaths among them, but they remain taking the risk daily. Heros in my opinion.

A few days ago you mentioned telehealth. My company is working 24/7 to implement it in the facilities they service (over a thousand SNFs countrywide). I will be able to see my patients using it within a few days. I have abstained from work for a couple of weeks especially due to my age and the extremely high risk that SNFs represent. Hope to be busy again on Mon & Tue starting next week.

Good News!!! Apparently all the moves relates to the containment of the spreading of the plague may become unnecessary within about a week, I saw announced on TV yesterday. :roll_eyes: It seems that some “stable genius” announced that America will go back to work in a week and all will be fine again. Maybe it will happen after the plague is eradicated by Executive Order, uh? How come nobody had this idea months ago?.. :innocent:


What did I write? Look at more factors than just the ones Trump wants us or the media wants us to look into. I specifically said there are many more factors than the ones we are told as I said to Alice. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to read her response. Listening to one side of a conversation gives little insight.

And great Italy closed its boarders first. Closing the barn doors after the cows are out doesn’t get the cows back in the barn. Further, there were no conclusions drawn in my post. Simply said look at all factors not just the ones that fit your narrative. And BTW, Gov. Cuomo is so much more of a leader than Trump, Biden, Sanders and Newsom. He should be running for POTUS. If the election was today, I would write in his name.

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We can’t depend on China to tell the truth. If China is talking about something positive to China then cut that information in half. If China is talking about something negative to China than double it.

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I sense in the mirror Xi Jinping will long be remembered as the worst world leader in modern history-but no one seems to care about the murders of the doctors, the woodrow-esque muzzling of media-or the consequence of his actions, releasing 5 million “typhoid mary” knockoffs from Wuhan province. This is 1918 déjà -flu all over again. First identified in 1915 in an Nebraska army base, on a GI returned from China, who was deployed in Europe. Wilson, and the UK, much of western Europe muzzled their reporters to avoid panic on the eve of first great war-but neutral Spain continued to report on the increasing deaths. That’s how that pandemic claimed 50 million plus.

There may be a third great one just down the pike, with many desperate players.
Plus-at least 4 players (one which might be realistically a great threat despite attestations of sloe-boat to China joe) who have visions of world dominance grandeur.

Are we ideologically disingenuous, contemplating electing a communist Sanders?
Then, the war is over already.

I hope not-to both scenarios.
There are many decoys-but there is one enemy.
Divided, we will fail both wars.

Before driving off to work, I take my temperature to make sure I’m not spiking a fever then hold my breath to 10 seconds to check whether I have shortness of breath. With a silent prayer, I’m good to go.

Stay home but do telehealth. Pennsylvania among many states have dropped restrictions and will allow physicians from other states to practice Telehealth. Many retired health professionals are jumping back to the work force. I wonder whether our good friend @Hischild Henry, being a retired nurse has considered jumping back into the frying pan.

And with baited breath, we all wait for April 2.


There is always a political side to a medical crisis.
My understanding is that you are trying to pinpoint the underlying political causes to the actual situation ? A lot of speculation is already taking place indeed.
Personally, I do not have a narrative, yet. We are in the middle of it all, the story is unfolding and in this millefeuille of information all the data has not been fully disclosed, this is true for every country.
We will all have to take stock of what happens on the national level, then on the international level. While that is quite entertaining, some of us are simply too exhausted to just try to keep the household safe and running.
You are looking for facts, and rightly so, but none that I picked is of interest nor relevant to this inquiry.
On a sidenote as a Christian I always feel eery when we compare humans to animals even as a “joke”. Jesus did not come for cows. Please.
What happens to one of us happens to us all. It’s 5 AM here. My day begins. To all, stay safe.

Maybe that was a typo, and he actually meant April 1.
According to Allen @ajshep, April 1st is our day, the Spectrumites’ day, right?

Hey, Easter will be interesting this year, uh? All Trump’s supporters have the moral obligation to go to their churches for Easter. He wants to see the churches crowded. So his supporters should take their elderly and children along as well. I am not going since I am in no danger of being called a hypocrite if I don’t follow his marching orders and stay home. But his supporters, oh boy, they better be there on time to secure their seats! :wink:

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If the weather is permittable, have it on the church property, with an
Easter Sunrise service.
The Methodist church in town ALWAYS has an Easter Sunrise Service
on the top of a hill about 4 blocks from the church. It is a semi-park already.
At the base has a war memorial where a couple of persons can sit. There
are a number of artistic large colored “O’s” standing around up the hill. There
is a large flat area at the top where bands and concessions used to play in the
summer and one can look out on the whole city landscape, river to the left, and
the original settlement across the river and the “indian mounds national park”.
Across the street from the park are 2 very large 19th Century homes.
So perhaps persons can keep their “5 foot distance” at the service.
We do have the City Park where similar could be held with several large
fields which is on the other side of downtown and near the river.
Perhaps the same could be done in many places.

On the internet I did see pictures of an outdoor concert. Folding chair seating.
The chairs were positioned 5 feet apart in all directions. Got people out while
still “obeying the rules.”
I did see today where Waffle House places are closed. Around here they are
busy 24 hours a day. I’ve got 4 within a 15 minute drive around me. Me and
my friend only got “kicked” out of one one time. It was around midnight
on a Saturday night. Sometimes we would go there very late for hot chocolate
for me and coffee for him [he could drink a whole pot and pay for one cup].
About that time the “Bar Crowd” began coming in. And since we hadn’t ordered
and food, our favorite waitress was given the task of asking us to leave. Make
room for those wanting to order food.
It is always an interesting story to tell!! :joy: :joy:

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Well Steve, before making preparations for Easter we need to spend some time making preparations for doomsday on April 2nd. According to our official Spectrum foreseer Henry, @hischild , we have only 7 days ahead of us, the seventh being the day when Mike Pence will be sworn in as POTUS - whatever happens with Trump.

Actually, for fairness, I believe that Henry should run to the WH and tell it to Trump so that the poor orange guy won’t be caught by surprise. At least he can make plans to attend Pence’s swearing in ceremony before flying to Mar-a-Lago for some time off…

So, now counting down: :heavy_check_mark:

:seven: - :heavy_check_mark: (March 26) - :champagne:
:zero: :sos: !!!

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In the USA we are fortunate to have Donald J. Trump as our leader. He has common sense and realizes the tough decisions that must be made, such as not letting the entire nation die (economy) just to fight a virus that is highly contagious but only deadly to the weak, and a few thousand may die. Had it not been for his major decisions we would not have had the strong economy to deal with the job losses. We can praise the Lord for that man in such a time as this.
With all the failed efforts to overthrow his duly elected position during the past 3 years one can easily be lead to see the virus as planted world wide as one last ditch effort to rid the world of Trump. Come November with a destroyed economy, destroyed businesses, lost jobs, and lost lives, will it be any wonder why anyone will vote for Trump? The media, the politicians, the educators who all have an impact on the population will blame Trump all with an effort cause pandemonium, mayhem, grief, anger, and no hope. Trump derangement syndrome will likely be rampant since we don’t hear much about the details of people dying from the virus. Many would feel more hopeful if they could be assured that the victims had very weak immune systems, had HIV, had hepatitis, lung cancer, etc. since they could easily determine an outcome if they know their own health.
It is likely many will scoff at these words but I will assure you that I do not trust the mainstream media or a political party that has the nerve and selfish power grabbing attitude to throw in a wish list of totally unrelated items in a bill to be voted on by government officials that are addressing a serious problem and are trying to help its citizens as quickly as possible.
In the meantime I go to work, get gas, go home, return my tithe online, drink my V8, keep the internet going, buy stocks and funds at very low points, and wait.

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Couldn’t disagree more. Just a few days ago he was trying to politicize the virus by calling it a hoax perpetrated by his enemies.

This sounds like a projection of your opinion, not real facts. I don’t know any educator or member of the press (news media) who would ever wish to cause “pandemonium, mayhem, grief, anger, and no hope.” What a sweeping generalization!

What sources do you go to as your trusted sources?

This was a bill resulting from give-and-take by both sides, according to Trump himself, who said both sides had to give and take.

Good for you. I hope you are careful at work, though. Wash your hands often. Social distance by 6 feet at least. Stay healthy so you can buy more low-priced stock.

Are you also waiting for the April 2 swearing in of Vice President Pence as predicted by fellow Spectrumite @Hischild?