Coronavirus Impact on World Divisions

Actually I have been praying for him and you too (and several other “Christians”.
This is the Little Time of Trouble.
I’ll share a short video with you (16 min). Warning; after the closing Scriptures (it is in yellow font rather than white font like the earlier ones) there is a promo. So you can just stop the video after the closing Scripture is read. But The Principle of First Mention (subject of the video) makes it clear where we are in prophetic history. And Covid-19 may have more to do with preparing us for our Lord’s return than you can imagine.

Today I was imagining that Mr 45 would resign in the night, leaving an “I QUIT” note on his desk, running back to his own life where he controls everything with money and lawsuits… On April 1. Of course.


LOVED your post, especially the last sentence, of course!.. :laughing:

The post you are commenting on is one of the weirdest I’ve ever seen. I mean, the level of disrespect to truth and to facts is just baffling. I don’t even comment on those posts because they reached a level so low that I wonder if they even belong here. People sure can have their preferences and opinions, but insisting in spreading falsehood and offering praises to a depraved man like Trump should not even be allowed here. But this is just my opinion, in favor of a minimum of decency being required. I can always skip reading outrageous comments like that.


Henry, what do the " " imply? Just wondering.


The “hoax” term that Trump used was in reference to the way the media had been twisting his words. It is important to listen to all of the interview to get the truth. He never once referred to the Wuhan China virus as a hoax. Many have been duped by the twisting from the mainstream media on that specific discussion.
The bill was to address the immediate need for Americans who have lost jobs and businesses who have been hurt or shut down due to the virus impact. Pelosi and fellow dems stuck a knife in the wound by preventing the vote success when they took advantage of America with items totally unrelated to the bill. So VERY selfish, power grabbing, control freakishness, greedishly evil.

If Fox News is the most watched network in the country, just exactly who is the “mainstream” media?

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Those no longer capable of recognizing his lifelong practices, acts and words as morally reprehensible is exactly what we were warned would come to pass. Brethren who are drawn to Trump (and those like him), embrace him as qualified for service, defend him and condone his acts, expose to whom their traits of character have been modeled after.

How is it that so many have abandoned their hold on Christ and in idolatrous fashion pledge their allegiance to the ideology expressed by DT and others like him across the world?

Statements such as the ones offered by this writer expose, in shockingly bold statements, who their true master is…

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It’s baffling seeing DT being always against what is right and true and moraly correct. Just a few examples:

  1. He despises and dismisses the (17) US intelligence agencies, saying that he knows better. In early January he was briefed (several times) about the incoming Coronavirus tsunami, and what did he do? Nothing except denying that it would hit the US. No preparedness, no mobilization, nothing, nada! He was told that a war enemy was ready to attack, and his response was mocking it at his rallies. The result? At the end of the day hundreds and thousands will be dead. Does he care about human life? No.

  2. He knows better than the Generals. No comment…

  3. He knows better than the physicians and the FDA. This is why he made that unwarranted and severely irresponsible comment about the drug hydroxichloroquine a few days ago. Who is he to tell the World that the drug is safe and adequate to treat COVID-19 patients? And he lied to the American people in that one vriefing saying that it had been approved by the FDA to treat the virus victims. Then, when someone took it by his advise, and died, did he take responsibility? Of course not. And he said so!

  4. Then there is his eternal enamoradness with Putin, doing the impossible to please one of our major enemies. And the case with Ukraine, and the corruption within his government, and so much more. Where is his Tax return that he promised to release? Plus, the 17K+ lies; and counting fast… And so much more crazyness to add to this list!

True patriots, people who love America, cannot defend and be in love with a President that so far has shown only disdain about the American people, except the 1% rich. Should we assume that those who appear willing to die for him are among the 1% (congratulations!), or should we wonder otherwise? …


@David1 @harrpa

Then, we have this:

Thank God we have Dr. Fauci there to debunk Trump’s lies. But he may be fired soon, for telling the truth!


Whooooaa! Hold on to that thar gavel pardner! Ya’ll seem to be jump’n to conclusions and send’n us logical and comm’n sensical lovers to the hot place down under.

God can use anyone for His tool, and right now Trump seems to have done the right things to help the millions in America, whereas, Pelosi has been knifing us in the back because of the grudge she carries and the Trump syndrome she cannot heal from.

Some major, major stretches here! SNAP!

Remember that there is Video of everything that Trump said so far. It requires major audacity to call those facts mere stretches. Actually, it is very irresponsible to do that because it’s misleading, and some people may act upon it, thus bringing grave consequences to themselves.
But, apparently, some people couldn’t care less about such consequences. Tragic.

The " " is for emphasis.
Not all “Christians” are SDA. (Likewise, it could be said that not all SDA’s are converted on a daily basis, but that would go beyond the scope of my comment and your question…no need to go there).
May we abide in the joy of Jesus and in His love today and always!

Thank you! Emphasis, I see. I was wondering if it meant being fake or something. Culture thingy. I’m glad that I understand this better.
Yes, may we continue to abide in Jesus!

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shshsh is obviously trolling this site…he’s even trying for a southern slant now, which says it all…

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Non-involvement. Not rising to the bait. Hard to do, but easier (for me) than engaging.


Hey Randy, welcome back after “5 years”… LOL
Every time you post, we are reminded that your last post was “5y ago.” The platform must be infected with the Coronavirus… :wink:

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Such levels of thinking and attitude simply make my point more clear. Like the 5 virgins without oil, those who espouse such statements give clear evidence that they are given over to the enemies cause. No longer able to discern right in spite of all the knowledge that God has provided. When brethren point out this they mockingly reject good counsel and refuse answer the spirits call for change. It is with profound shock and sadness that we now witness so many who have rejected the call and remain more rooted base passion than before they knew Christ.


It seems that, unlike in the past, nowadays too many people give permission to the manifestation of lack of sensitivity, of degraded morality, and corrupted Christian principles. I am not sure what exactly happened, but this “new normal” based on what in the past was abnormal, has corroded some people’s moral structure and thinking. They are lied to, and they defend the liar. They see hypocrisy and they defend the hypocrite.

And when someone reminds them of the most fundamental principles of morality and Christian values, they just mock them. Something serious happened indeed. Sad.