Could the Solution to the Church’s Stalemate Come Out of Africa?

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I have to jump in here. This has long been one of the narratives told by EGW/SDA’ism…the real story is something much different. The Harmon family (not her twin sister), were disfellowshipped for the following reasons, excerpted from a letter from the Chestnut Street Methodist Church…

The reason for their dismissal was not that they preached the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is a tenant of our orthodox faith which is confirmed from the Articles of Religion 1784.

Their dismissal was occasioned by their breach of discipline in proclaiming the views of William Miller’s time setting. I read these entries to mean that after much quiet counsel to refrain from their disruptive behavior in church meetings the members of Chestnut Street Church took what they believed to be their only recourse, to dismiss the Harmon Family.

You can find the complete letter here:

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Perhaps someone, or you, can help us account for the 36% other, regarding what fraction of it goes to overseas mission?

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This Pie Chart is certainly Fuzzy Logic. What is that “REMINDER” suppose to mean? That the pie chart is only referring to how 9-11% of the global tithe is spent, if that is the case the whole chart is useless.

I think it would be valuable to see how the General Conference spends their part of the pot. For that chart, leave the Divisions out of it.



Ok . Notice how this latter post of yours is different than your original post.

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You have it right!

While cheese is great on pizzas, it also is notoriously known for causing lower levels of sex hormones. Have you heard of any world-known baritone or bass Italian singers? They’re all known for tenors. :rofl:

In addition, drinking sodas on plastic containers which contains phthalates may lower testosterone levels.


Do you have a problem with Rom 8:4?

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Answering a question with a question is not an answer. Again, how effective were you as an adolescent in controlling your thoughts?

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Had you’ve been observant, you would have noticed a partially exposed card on TE left sleeve. That was his “Trump Card.” :+1::rofl:

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is there any way to explain the gospel, or what saves, in just a sentence or two…i think there’s a lot of fine print that needs to be understood, or we’re liable to lapse into error…

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What part of the Philippines were you and his long did you stay?

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true, but it’s incomplete…you make it sound like the empowerment and transformation the grace of god brings is in itself sufficient to earn eternal life…it isn’t…it’s only the righteousness that christ supplies, on top of the transformation that a true reception of the grace of god brings, that earns eternal life…this is why both the thief on the cross, who had minimal opportunities for sanctification, and enoch, who had centuries of opportunities of sanctification, are both saved through the gift of jesus’ righteousness…

of course, what the thief on the cross and enoch achieved in this life, through a combination of the holy spirit’s power and their own diligent efforts, will be reflected in the crown they receive in heaven…there will be a big difference between the thief on the cross’s crown, and enoch’s crown…

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wow, elmer…are you sure you’re awake yet…

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ahhh, you wish to sleuth me out! That’s fine :sunglasses:

I am going to tread carefully, because when I give too much detail, I risk putting timelines out there for the “detectives” to figure out the names of the people involved. That’s not my objective or job.

So here are some answers: Six years in two different locations. Some of my memories? Eating fruit salad out of a half pineapple while sitting in a jeepney (inside Intercontinental Hotel, Makati). Shooting rapids through the gorge from Pagsanjan Falls. Following the flagalantes along the rice paddy ridges on a scorching hot Good Friday. Eating bibingka.

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These call schedules are definitely interfering with my Spectrum activities. Gotta quit like our prophet George @GeorgeTichy. However, it is so much satisfying to be able to impact someone’s life in a positive way other than in religious terms.

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Great! You are now one among us, including @sokingcoo. My mouth is sealed.


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Hard to eat bibingka with a sealed mouth :drooling_face: @elmer_cupino

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Geeezzz, I used to sing 1st tenor in the choir in school. I am glad I stopped singing, cause people could think that I was eating too much cheese… :roll_eyes:

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I was born at the Manila Sanitarium & Hospital at the time my father was the hospital treasurer. Started elementary in Lucena, moved to PUC at the old location, moved south to Mindanao where my father was the hospital administrator for Iligan Sanitarium & Hospital. Attended MMA and frequented MVC. Transferred to WWC where I met my wife. I was going to be just like my father, a hospital administrator but I successfully resolved my eodipal complex and now am a psychiatrist instead. Returned to PI about 5 years ago and was pleasantly surprised to see how much it has joined the 21st century.

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"4 in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit."

Since you are the only reliable and capable teacher in the whole Church (by your own implied suggestion…), let’s learn from you:

  1. What does, righteous requirement of the law mean?
  2. How is that requirement, fully met in us?
  3. Where are those people who do not live according to the flesh
  4. What does it mean to live according to the Spirit?

Please be thorough in your answers. Remember that you are talking to very dumb people here. We may not be able to teach…, but we can certainly learn… IF the teaching is solid and effective… :wink:

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And @gideonjrn, please do not answer a question with a question. Thank you.