Could the Solution to the Church’s Stalemate Come Out of Africa?


I am only point out that angry and selfishly indulgent language is not helpful.

I am a business consult with a practice located in Tokyo Japan and specialize in improving multicultural dysfunctional operations of both domestic and foreign companies.

The type of language and level of thinking implied in yours and others comments is often the root cause of misunderstandings and inability to overcome issues. So if you want to be effective please avoid hyperbole, and antagonizing your intended audience.


I have been to Tokyo twice. Notice how the drivers turn off their headlights when they stop at a traffic signal…if they are behind another vehicle?

So if they travel to another country like USA where drivers don’t do that , are they offended or think the driver behind them is angry at them?

It is your opinion that my post is angry or selfish.

Most posters on other sites would say that posting in ALL CAPS or adding
^%$%^%$*&^% would show anger.

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Wow. Were you trying to be offensive, or was this an accident?

(Kim Green) #124

It isn’t that the person you addressed hasn’t been told similar things before or asked repeatedly example of competant teachers or pastor, etc. This person has their own agenda and isn’t looking for a “learning” experience…only appears to like to “instruct” and complain. :grinning:

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And now, rejecting the option of engaging in constructive conversation, the comments take digressive, extraneous, or off-topic message content to start quarrels or attempts to upsets people to distract and sow discord with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion.

The point is you are using language that at its heart is selfish, angry and even adversarial in nature and as a result you cannot build trust or useful dialog as result.

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Obedience has a developmental pathway which goes through different stages as an individual matures and develops into adulthood. A child’s obedience is not the same as an early adolescent or adult’s obedience. Obedience can also be influenced by other factors including personality traits and culture. Having extended family ties also can influence obedience so just being obedient is not sufficient. There are times when obedience requires to be disobedient.

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(Elmer Cupino) #129

Although you may consider yourself a member of a very select group, it still is important to pay attention to what your audience is requesting.


Indeed based on analysis of the comments and writing style it appears to be one that has the intent to express dissatisfaction with any who appear to disagree. Like some commentators they come here to express anger at the audience in general and employ mockingly instructive tone liberally sprinkled scripture quotes often out of context or irrelevant to the topic. All for the purpose of making themselves feel more in control of those they have decided are the cause of the ills in the church. Using language they would never do in person to person contact as a result of the anonymity afforded by the internet.

It is curious that so many throw to the wind probity and the very qualities they claim to be defending in angry and selfish words and tone…


Be careful.
Ted is getting jealous.

(Peter) #132

Yes, true. But today some would call that “rebellion”. Ellen White did not come from a conformist family, nor was she a conformist. She spoke out so plainly that “the brethren” sent her to Australia (is that like banishing?) to subdue her voice. That is our heritage! To refer to those who are speaking out now as “rebellious” is to deny our heritage.

(Kim Green) #133

I think that you have summarized the behavior and MO quite well…“The COMPLAINER”. :smirk:

(Kim Green) #134

…and, then, when you least expect it…some actual wit! :rofl:


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I hope @gideonjrn is not working on any evangelistic project. I hope he is not helping, in any way, to bring people (new converts) to his Church. That would be really shameful… Just imagine those people after a while finding out where he actually brought them to! To a Church where most people know nothing right…
:innocent: :innocent:

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Probably neither. Apparently, just being “a little” judgmental… Or, maybe God went out on vacation and left that person in charge for a while. You know, this has happened here before with some other posters… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #137

So far no “intructing,” only complaining… :wink:

(George Tichy) #138

I have the impression that there are some bullying neurons acting out in that person’s brain…

(George Tichy) #139

Well, sooner or later, most of those have become “millennials,” and are now enjoying doing the mocking somewhere else.

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Well, having a GC President like TW is also a denial of our heritage. No prior President behaved as badly as him regarding the issues being discussed here. (Maybe his father?).

The politicking has always been present, but not actually as badly as at this time regarding centralization of power and attempts to crush the Unions’ authority. This is unprecedented.