Creating An Adventist Catechism


I didn’t get that at all!

Yes, she recommended Bible, but not at the expense of neglect of her ‘inspired’ writings at the same time. In fact she gave more preference to her writings.


Just to be clear, are you saying this is a good thing?

To my mind, her claim of exceptionalism is the primary reason I’m not impressed by the mysterious-as opposed to mystic-nature of her writings.

My take on mysticism is that mystics generally insist that interaction with his or her creator is available to all creatures.

As to promoting the Bible by EGW-or anyone else, for that matter-I could list any number of very bad people who are very good at quoting scripture, including Satan according to the legends, so I prefer to talk with people who have their own “take”, rather than those who like hiding behind memory verses.



No, not at all! She advertised her books more than the Bible, that’s what I meant.


The Seventh-day Adventist church is God’s remnant church brought into existence by God for a specific purpose or mission. This mission is to proclaim the Three Angels Messages, which include proclamation of the gospel and present truths, and calling people out of Babylon. Therefore, the criteria for membership into this church cannot be limited to accepting Jesus as the savior. This would create confusion in the church and would not be in harmony with its mission. For that reason the 28 Fundamental Beliefs were formulated.

When Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch the present truth that the eunuch needed to be taught and to accept were that Jesus was the messiah and His free gift of salvation. The corrupting of the Christian church during the dark ages and the formation of multiple denominations have made it necessary for each denomination to have more than “accepting Jesus as lord and savior” as the condition for membership.

What needs to be made plain to SDA church members is that God has His people in other denominations and that God is calling them out to become apart of His remnant church.


Adventists and EGW have added tons of material to an already confusing-enough Bible, just as the Bible insists should not be done.

No wonder I feel so much more comfortable with my with myself and my relationship with my maker since leaving the church!!!



Your comments are so off base it beggers belief, but each to his or her own I suppose. What the world needs today is Jesus, plain and simple and the message to the eunuch still stands tall for everyone, moreso today than ever.

Becoming part of an exclusive Country club with specific additional criteria for membership was not what was taught by the apostles and Jesus’ own action during his life here on earth taught the opposite, believe, get baptised, accept his free gift, that’s the gospel.

Off course, the church has its purpose of bringing people together for a time of praise and worship of our God but we lose our present truth when we hold to some of the pioneers beliefs like exclusivity (think shut door), we know more than everyone else (come out of babylon) and even remnant (we are the last end time people).

While these beliefs formed a movement back in the mid 1800’s that’s led to what we know today, our understanding has matured and become more christ centered so let’s try and remain christ centered rather than being self centered.

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If it was good enough for the Ethiopian Eunuch, it is good enough for us.

Every religion believes they have the truth and are the only way. Every denomination of every religion believes they have the truth and are the only way. They all have their own message. They all can’t be right but they can all be wrong. The SDA church is no different in its perspective.


Not all protestant denominations believe that they have the corner on truth with the confidence/certainty that many Adventists do. And I doubt (but have no evidence to back this up) that all Christian denominations believe that they are the “only way.”


To.some extent it is true that all the world.needs is Jesus. However, this same Jesus is the one calling His people to come out of Babylon and pronouncing death on all those who worship the beast and his image and receive the mark of his name. Also, this same Jesus has made it plain in His word how He wants us to serve Him.

You obviously haven’t studied much about how the biblical sausage was made.

The fact is that not one word of it was written by Jesus himself.

So calling the NT “Jesus Gospel” is kinda like calling The National Enquirer “Elvis Presley’s Good Newspaper” because they tell so many fantastic stories about how he’s come back from being dead.



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